I fear that it should not remain an incomplete story
Its unending ending will keep chasing my deep imaginations
Knocking my soul to keep a wide door open
For all the pain to enter blazing my emotions
It will keep my dreams burning in my eyes
I will wish for tears but before flowing, they will dry
With every step and every blink, I will be sighing
I will try to cry but who will listen to my voiceless heart
Which is left soaked in the ink to write the ending part
I am turning pages after the last words to find the remaining
But everyday they are the same, silent and blank
But their stamps with ink of blankness are on my heart
Let its unending end break me once for all
Because I don’t to be broken with every passing moment
The battle is intense with the story on the line
Waiting to get over for to get the remaining
The way it hurt me with its unending ending
In the same way, I will hurt it back by keeping it until that last word
And will start writing a new one to make it jealous of its owns words
The way it left me burning, I will leave it unending



They might seem just lifeless words on the wall
But I live among them in my lonliness
Searhing the happiness
Which sometimes the world fails me to give

I have a home in between those lines
Like a home in an outlying valley
Whose mountains when I see
Remain covered by the words of my heart
The winds brush the surface of flowers of my garden
In greed of stealing their colours
To give colourful meaning to their existence
Singing a song, the one I like to listen
With the words of mine and melody of rain hitting against the glass of my heart
Here beautiful days lay in wait
For the poems of dusk oozing out of last rays
Then resting in peace with the advent of night

The first rays again lit lamps of love for to glow
Giving light to the birds to chirp to welcome the morning
My chair in my home of words lie waiting for me to come
To again sit at the window
With the garden of words before my eyes
Waiting for you to come with your beautiful poems
To sow them deep in my heart, to decorate my world of imagination



Kind words could grow flowers even in the desert
They break loose the heart, to gush forth the tears
They in the sun would not evoprate, nor would be carried by wind
Kindness is the greatest trait ever witnessed in us
Why keep heart so poor? When only words can make it rich
Remove the stress of grudges from your heart
Let it heel….. let it heel
By seeking forgiveness, and forgiving
You are just your words
Keep them kind to be kind
Why bleeding others, when you could be merciful
Now, after being kind, let’s try to be merciful



Some pages on the table, and I sitting a hand span away
With my eyes close, listening the heart for it to say
Absorbed are all other voices, absorbed in my emptiness
Some words reaching the tip of pen, with wild randomness

Memories knocking the door of my room
The room of my heart, bricks of which are of my gone days
Scared l am to open the door, scared of the appearing doom
Anonymous of which heart would appear, broken by my words

The bitterness of those words is making me restless
Forcing myself against the door, with my ears shielded by hands
Wished, I had never spelled them, from these lips
Seems they want them to release, from this pen tip

Seeing me struggling inside, facing the heart
Tired I am, for keeping those words behind the door
For them not to reach to my ears
For my souls in between, could not bear the ferocity

My heartbeat struck my ears, made my eyes open
Sounding like a rock, falling off a steep mountain
It’s me sitting on the chair, with my hands on my heart
Drops of sweat on my forehead, drops of tears in my eyes

I reached out to those blank pages to find
Whether there are any words, but found whiteness
My fingers trembing, writing a word “FORGIVENESS”
From the GOD, the most gracious, the most merciful