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These distances
can never break my spirit
even if my legs will give up
I will drag myself to the finish
The will in me
is like a sea
even if you will set the whole path on fire
I will melt it with the waves of passion
Belief is a key
to your destiny
and belief in God
is a way to live

Our Struggle feat “The people of Kashmir”

Our struggle will snatch their peace
will leave them glum and down
They may be scowling but are miserable at hearts
Our struggle is a curse on them

It will torment their soul
Taking away the rest from their eyes
Deluded they have become
thinking that they have beaten us down
But never could made to keep us down
Our struggle have risen beyond their might
beyond their imagination
They fight to kill
to hold the reign of tyranny
And we fight to die
to hold the justice high
The mountains of valley have trapped their pride
And the hearts here have broken their courage
Everyone has now the same voice
” O, you tyrant
Come and try
we are waiting
with our hearts open
our faces may fall
but our struggle will rise
above the heavens
you can make our voice voiceless
but our slogans will chase you down
you wrote our history with blood
we will right yours with contempt”

8# Kashmir (will and passion)


what left is

just a will to survive

for to struggle

the coming days

what left is

just a passion in the skin

to battle

till the last drop of blood

what left is

just a dream in the eyes

to see

the rays of freedom

what left is

just a fight in the veins

to rub your tyranny

on the dust

what left is

just hope in the heart

to see

the mercy of God

what left is

just a deep silence in us

to erase

your lies and ego

what left is


the Kashmiris

fighting for the honour of Kashmir