Let the Freedom Come

Left again
I and my lonlineness in the solitary room
With the door shut, expecting no one to knock
Walls also show no compassion, stand silent and cold

I can feel my silence
And the voice inside
I can feel the suffering
And the overwhelming helplessness
Unaddressed remain my tears to the outside world
Unfelt remain my emotions to the people

Let the earthquake happen
Let the walls fall
Let the storm come
Let the lonlineness blow away
Let the ceiling break apart
Let the sun melt the ice within

My words in me has only one meaning
Let the freedom come!


Me and these four walls, and
A deep friendship between us
I throw my words, while they catch
Together, a plot for a story, we hatch

They listen me with the eloquent silence
Building a relationship out of reverence
Protecting my voice from being stolen
Oblivious of seasons that exists outside
Oblivious of phenomenon which are never cease
When door opens, they are lit by the daylight

No reach they have to the sky with the flying kites
The ceiling keep the hidden from the eyes of sky
They live with me and I live with them
Together we have become each other’s chum
Long back ago, I wrapped up the mirror
With the pages, blank and white
Not to deceive me, and my words in my mind

Now, they are a new mirror to me
Reflecting me in myself
They see me praying, they see me smiling
Becoming a new casket of my secrets
Written on the walls, but breathing in my heart
Giving an expressive face to my loneliness
With time they have helped my consciousness
Reminding me
That alone you stand,
may be out of reach from the world,
but very close to GOD
On the wall is written a remarkable statement
You could blind the people, but not the ONE


Flying Above Hostages

I, a hostage in my dwelling looking above
Those with the wings are flying in the flaxen sky
Freedom they have, from the curbs of the land
Imprisoned I stand, in these times of pandemic

Freedom they have, from the walls and frontiers
Freedom they have, from the wars of the land
We have tied the rope of slavery around our necks
Rope branded with freedom, that we keep dragging under serfdom

How could we have those wings, when we don’t deserve the sky
We deserve this cruel land where we keep slaying humanity
We have cut the pieces of lands to showcase jingoism
We have slayed one another to attain superiority

Let them fly!
They deserve the sky
We kept abusing the nature,
Now, we have got our dues back

I Protest

You made me to come out of my home
Telling me that I don’t belong here anymore
I lived here for ages
Now have to prove that on pages
I protest
I protest against your might
Your lies, suppression and suffocation
You barricaded my ways
When I was about to say, you shut the voice
When I came out, you fired on my eyes
And your screens showed the lies
I protest
I protest against your hypocrisy
Your deception, tyranny and regime
When I held the truth in my hand
Your destroyed my institute
You tore the books, you broke my bones
We were students, you made us hostages
I protest
I protest against you rule
Your hate, ideology and division
You can build the walls of separation
We too are born in this revolution
You can name us whatever you want
We will rise as your nightmares
Your can use your force, we are standing to see
You can shoot at our protests, we are standing to see
Times will turn and you will stand to see
On your knees you will surrender my rights
The world will see, till then
I protest