We became the Believers

A voice can be suppressed
But it never dies
It is like water that finds its way
And when time comes
It breaks what comes ahead

Come and try with your might
You can boast for some days
But our voice will find a way
All your ego will turn into hay
You are no one to fill the crevices
You are no one to write the destiny
You are a spec in the history
That will remain as a dot
At the end of our revolution

My words may reach a few hearts
But above all they reach in me
I wonder how you will fights with them
Because your tyranny makes you unable

Your clampdown made us a dreamer
We became what we never had been
You handed over us death, we took it as life
You handed over us despair, we took it as hope
You handed over us fight, we became the fighters
You handed over us struggle, we became the believers

Long live Humanity
Long live Palestine
Long live Kashmir

Salman Wani

A Poem to Tyrants

You killed, but I never died
I lived in the legacy behind
Lower you stooped to oppress
the lives to snatch their rights
you can short millions dead
But billions would rise up to fight
And again you would remain
an error in the pages of history
a stain on the face of humanity
cursed by the millions to come

You killed, but I never died
I lived in the legacy behind
Like a light shining in millions
A sign upholding the humanity high
A message that reached beyond
the range of your weapons
By killing my body, you strangled humanity
but my struggle and courage let that free

Our Struggle feat “The people of Kashmir”

Our struggle will snatch their peace
will leave them glum and down
They may be scowling but are miserable at hearts
Our struggle is a curse on them

It will torment their soul
Taking away the rest from their eyes
Deluded they have become
thinking that they have beaten us down
But never could made to keep us down
Our struggle have risen beyond their might
beyond their imagination
They fight to kill
to hold the reign of tyranny
And we fight to die
to hold the justice high
The mountains of valley have trapped their pride
And the hearts here have broken their courage
Everyone has now the same voice
” O, you tyrant
Come and try
we are waiting
with our hearts open
our faces may fall
but our struggle will rise
above the heavens
you can make our voice voiceless
but our slogans will chase you down
you wrote our history with blood
we will right yours with contempt”

Introduction to Struggle

Struggle craves out a different being out of you

Inducing propensity to see the people with their real hue

Ends the sunny days and moonlight nights

Sieving you in the darkness to search one ray of light

Struggle chisels a new art out of your veins

Burns your desires in the fire without flames

Shaping a destiny in the chapters ahead

Chasing out of you the things you dread

Fosters the vision to see the depth of soul

To measure the weight of the character

Gifting an insight to discover in you the loophole

Showing who you are in you like a mirror

Passion to struggle #Kashmir


Our rising will be like a wall
our bodies as its bricks
But will not let you take an inch
To all those brokers out there
our graveyards are not for sale

Our land will emerge like never before
As it has absorbed the tears of the mothers
and the blood of martyrs
It has been irrigated by infinite prayers
like the rain falling from the sky

Death is the final destiny of life
But to live with honour is a choice
the smoke from the fire you have set
can burn our lungs and blind us
but will fuel our passion to struggle

2 #Kashmir

The struggle

irrigated by the blood of martyrs

will never die

It will remain

in our hearts

till our death

The revolution

takes many generations

What if ours die trying

our souls are not for sale

our honour has no price

we will stand together

we will die together

we will live together

our graves are a sign

of the sacrifice

And Allah will suffice

us against you

Allah will protect our Kashmir