Let the Freedom Come

Left again
I and my lonlineness in the solitary room
With the door shut, expecting no one to knock
Walls also show no compassion, stand silent and cold

I can feel my silence
And the voice inside
I can feel the suffering
And the overwhelming helplessness
Unaddressed remain my tears to the outside world
Unfelt remain my emotions to the people

Let the earthquake happen
Let the walls fall
Let the storm come
Let the lonlineness blow away
Let the ceiling break apart
Let the sun melt the ice within

My words in me has only one meaning
Let the freedom come!

I belong to You…

Prayers lighten my heavy heart
Which is fighting with the nails of vices
breaking with the burden of choices
But words of God show me the way
To keep me standing with every new day

The desires keep nipping me inside
I just want to walk a way and they keep me aside
I want to unlock the doors of life but they keep weaving a trap
I want the silence, they come and clap

O Allah! Betow upon me a blanket of wisdom
with which I could wrap my soul
Strengthen my weakness
Strengthen my will
Before the fight with the world
My battle is with myself
Rise me like the sun
Illuminating the world in me
Give wings to my hopes
To hold unto your rope
Provide for me from Your unseen treasures
Bless me with courage and patience
Make me a brick in the wall standing against injustice
Make my voice amomg the voices for freedom
I know
To You I belong, to You I will return
Make my return as being the righteous one

I Never Wished


I always wondered
what are these pictures that the people draw
what are these words that the people write
they seem so simple
an ink or colours on the paper
I never tried to perceive the meaning
but my struggle and the struggle of my land
also made me one of them
however I never wished to become

Today I see more than the ink
As if in them is an ocean of emotions
I wish to drown and sink in their sagacity

Now I understand
they were giving a meaning and life to their struggle

Opinions and Efforts in a Struggling Society

A struggling society is either filled with a lot of efforts or a lot of opinions. Or we can say both of them, which is more appropriate but depends upon an individual which side he wants to apprehend. Constructive efforts often give a hope that later or sooner we are going to make through. Void opinions remain stagnant and their value may have paramount weigtage for a moment and things may seem to make sense but keeps on depreciating with time as circumstances alter. Especially, a struggling society gives rise to a variety of opinions which every section of people carry through and when the opinions starts to differ at individual stage and even for one individual, it differs with time to time, event to event, and remains limited to the extreme criticism and devoid of encouragement of the struggle itself, then an environment of hopelessness gets edge over the efforts being put forward. Often, they take a shape of destructive opinions. Opinions filled with information and a concise needed data and a clear background helps to understand the struggle and need for that. Also, when it is filled with a hope that is being created by giving the examples of past successful events. These are needed, but they come only when efforts are being made to  know the history and the events in their proper chronological order and the logical reason behind their happening. These are constructive opinions which gives to way to constructive efforts.

It is also seen that to achieve a goal in a struggling sociecty, different groups are  formed and they form their own discourse to work through. When the discourse of a particular section becomes rigid, and acquires a form as if it is the only discourse, these discourses come conflicting with one another due to lacking understanding and synergy. But when the discourse is being based on the healthy foundations where the scope of understanding others and coming together with  them shoulder to shoulder by giving importance to the common points by letting the difference to keep aside, is a constructive discourse and efforts arising from it are always in right direction. These are constructive efforts  which give rise to constructive opinions.


If my fall is your rise
Take me to the cliff of highest mountain
But do you have the strength to climb
As I have already gathered it
Not only to climb but also to fall
Who says oceans are without borders
They are afraid even to cross the river
The one sailing in the oceans
Already has land in the eyes
If my death is your life
Then take even my days
But how would you live
Without the significance of death
Who says thirsty deserts are harsh
They are afraid to come out in the sun
The one travelling in the deserts
Already has breeze in the heart
If my failure is your success
Then take a step to earn it
But how would you succeed
Without knowing what failure means


You may have conquered our lands
But not the skies
we have learned to fly
Because we see falcons in the dreams

You could cut our tongues
But we will write with our blood
Our morale is bigger than your tyranny
You kill, and we are proud to die

See our eyes, you will see your fall
When we see yours, we see our rise
We both will remain the character in the book of Kashmir
Alas! You will be read as the antonym of humanity

The apple orchads will remain ours
The Dal and Wular lake will remain ours
The struggle will remain ours
Our Kashmir will remain ours

Voice Of Pain

Who would understand our pain?
The deadly silence is crucifying the heart
I stand in prayers, my eyes get wet
every sense is deep lost in an extreme shock
seeing faces around to whom I can’t express
has let my eyes down, to walk where I don’t belong

when it gets dark, the face of graves open
I stand looking with blood flowing
screams and separations all around
with some existing and some who existed
my sleep has evaporated from my eyes
my dream remain hollow and void

I know who I am
but unaware of who I am going to be
as I write I can’t stop crying in pain
just thinking do I have anything left
the smirk of the world around
has filled the air with devilish feel

O tyrants you will surely burn in hell
with all your might, and will yell
I will weep my tears, as I have faith
The winds of promise will shroud us soon
But our pain is the final nail
in your coffin