A lonely bird flying in my chest
Pecking my memories, flying back to its nest
Heaping them for the winter, about to come

I am walking down the lane
To see the setting sun
Kissing those remaining sun rays, breathing their last

I remember that window and its glass
Reflecting your face in my eyes
Now left in me are just the deep down sighs
I keep laughing while I cry
unfamiliar with this smile, bringing down the tears
You never came to rescue, when my heart was burning

Not your fault, because you never knew
My words are now left in the grave of my heart
Sometimes I visit them and stand for a while
Again I would see that lonely bird
searching for the same memories
Now, I am habitual with this pain of separation

Mother of Martyred Blood

It is true! That…
Every sight of my eyes kiss that valley
But Known to me is that, there are mothers of martyred sons
I just heard the story of one
My heart and soul began to cry
O mother, of my lost unknown friend and brother!
No written words could do justice to your heart
No pages of history will take your pain into account
Your injured soul has blood, oozing but unseen by blind eyes
As if the world has turned into a mere lie
I read the words of one mother, I shivered as they read

Your pain is blowing with the cold winds trapped in this valley
God will make them fall like a lightening on the wicked ones
Your tears will fall like stones over them
What they afflicted you with?
A merciless separation
Will render them devoid of mercy in this world
The earth and sky is crying by your side
But why this world still lay deaf and dumb?
Has the heart of people living in love of world died?
Has the beats gone too far to only remain to mimic the ugly songs?
You are the mother of Wamiq Farooq
Zahid Farooq, Inayath Khan, Osaib, Tufail Ahmad………..
You are the mother of the martyred blood
You are the mother of the tears of the Valley, Kashmir
And one of yours line read and I couldn’t stop crying

Sleepless #Kashmir

O, sleep!
come and fall in love with the eyes
the aching heart
don’t allow them to run away
in the dream

I am complaining to this night
why are you bringing back my valley before my eyes?
it is lacerating my existence within
when I listen the voices of that prison
where tortured souls lie
where the sons die
and where my home lies

O, sleep!
tell this night to spare me
tomorrow, I have to again struggle against the same memories
let me go to visit my dream
to collect the tears
from the valley of silence
deep in me

A Kashmiri; What life is like…

The world stands like a stage
And our valley a cage
I will not be tired to write on a page
The story of my rage

I heard
silence has a deep voice
And humans in this life have a choice
but I feel the growing helplessness
gripping my soul in a harsh sadness

someone in my dream told me
there are now flowers on that grave
their colour is different from the colours of this world
the bees visiting them vanish in the heaven
All this gave me a reason to smile
and whispered my ears that hope is still alive

But the image of the cage
where my home is a prison and family members as prisoners
has crushed me from inside
I do now walk with a face in the land of strangers
like a emotionless cold blooded man
who has forgotten to feel
what life is like


Dry leaves are scratching the pavement, as the wind blows
no one is around to listen to their crackling sound
Everyone has returned to their dwelling
After burying one more martyr
In the valley of graves

For the whole winter, the sky kept shedding tears
To wash the blood over this piece of land
In preparation for the spring to arrive
To return the melody of forgone birds
Perching on the almond trees
Singing to those ears which now hear nothing but
the songs of separation
Separation of love and the loved ones

This separation is unending for this life
This pain is immortal in the grains of heart
Which has now remained a heap of sand
About to liquify to take the feet within
For what other purpose the cheeks are there
only for rolling down the tears of affliction

The face smirks when ears hear that word
Can’t be synonymous to the name of this land
The beauty of snow has faded away
Behind the scars chiseled all along
What are we here?
Living dead in the valley of graves
The world knows her by “KASHMIR”

Rivers of Blood #Kashmir

whole life passed by, in the mirror of outrage and oppression
through my valley flow, Jhelum and Chenab
But I saw only the rivers of blood streaming across
what condition are my people in, I don’t know
are they dying of starvation, I don’t know

you travelled the journey over our corpses
we travelled the journey in burying them
you enlightened your cities with lamps on the occasion of festivals
we had to live those moments also in unbearable silence
what address are you inquiring from these blind eyes?
when you have blinded the humanity to lacerate our bodies
what have you achieved by taking away our peace
relinquishing even the bond of humanity with us
In written stories we will always remember you as a muderer
you not only ripped apart the humans but also ripped our land



Shooting all the birds except one in the sky
Even that too will forget to fly
Sun will be lost in its eyes
Wings remaining a blanket
Saving it from the frosty winter
Dust of ground it’s home
Crawling of others there seems sinister
All the freedom in the heavens
Collapsing in nearby soil grains
Stars now too far
The world now a place with few things around
Sadness prevailing in its hearts
No will to see the horizons
Discouragement reflecting in its eyes
Discontent in the heart
Separation unbearable
From the ones whom it used to fly with
It also has a story to tell
After surviving
She flew miles in the sky
To find one of kind
Somewhere somehow
Searched every forest
Scaled every mountain
Only death prevailed
Where ever it passed by
Blood ridden feathers
Destroyed nests
Hanging on the branches
It gave up her flight
Fell to the ground
And survived till now
Because the killers finding it in the sky
Had been unknown of its address
Which is now the dirt of the earth
But they killed it without shooting
What it remains
Is a surviving dead



You just came to take yourself farther away
Taking again a piece of mine to burry in a grave
Leaving a restless heart to suffer from a sense of brutal separation

Was my part of love so poisonous?
Which you are returning me back like snake bites
Wished may be I had never been your unlucky part
But unfortunately, I was
For that would make me ashamed and embarrassed all life long
All those songs that I wrote
Are haunting me in my empty thoughts
You only loved me in my presence
And cursed me all along in my absence
Evident is that from your words
Reading me a drunk and a basket of desires
What else more could be a downgraded identity for me
My resistance has been abused, undermined my care and prayers for you
For you told that I left you to burn
But I am left in ashes even before burning
I hope my patience will gather me again
Will make me stand again in the rows
To prostrate again and again to GOD
To collect my heart and heal my soul
Come and put a dagger in my heart
Take its blood and then go away
So when you would come again, there would be nothing left for you to take
I will stick your poem on the wall
To remind myself where I am and where you are?
To remind me of your last wish
Which was ” GO AWAY”

Words to this protest will not end
I will keep writing amongst your separation