Asalam Asalam! O martyrs, Asalam
For you, the land is crying, the sky is wailing
Asalam Asalam! O martyrs of wooded valley
For you, the sister is crying, the mother is wailing

Deceived are those, comprehending you are dead
Unacquainted, you are alive, with their eyes enwrapped
What if, your days were limited, left with beautiful life ahead
Deceived are those, comprehending you are dead

The tears, the sky is shedding, washing our bleeding hearts
Each cloud making way, for the sun to lit your face
Last quiet smile of your lips is like opening lotus bud
Even wind has ceased, standing still to see one last time

O God! Give strength to these trembling hands
For to hold you in arms, embracing and touching your golden face
Again left are we, with another deep scar
Again left are we, with tears in the hearts



 One more falcon, disappeared from the sky

With remains on earth, soul in paradise

Left a sign, for the people of earth

Left a sign, for the people to come


Once flew with wings of faith, feathers of hope

Glorious vision in sharp eyes, following the utmost truth

Death, the name of other life, clear as crystal in the eyes

Procured dignity in death, for the ages to come


May the eyes of cowards never sleep

Unknowing, from where the warriors of GOD would rise

As falcons, ruling the sky with commandments from heavens

Uprooting the insolent tyranny from the soil of earth


These lines, never they would understand

You could blind eyes, not the dreams

You could take down bodies, not the souls

You could assassinate intellectuals, not the intellect




Someone go and tell that great poet of east

Falcons have again risen in a distant valley

Not much far from his town

Just a fall away from the mountains


Someone go and tell those gloomy woods

Summer has arrived with a new song

The long winter would be melted away

As falcons have strength to raise the midnight sun


We know there are many nights and fights left

Not enough to take light from our heart

What if flowers would not grow on the ground

The graves would give them space to bloom again


So what if your war is big

But surely not bigger than our hopes

We dare you to get any scale

To measure our faith in the destiny


So what if you would take everything away

We don’t even care the least

These falcons can give their life away

So what could be there for you to take


What if our voices are feeble?

We have now enough shoulders to carry them

The whole sky is ours

With the falcons flying in it



Why burning in the shade, for the fear of the sun
Agreed that nests are in branches, but wings in the sky
Don’t loose the hope, of the rain
Don’t loose the hope, of the shade from clouds

Don’t you see, stars up in the heaven
There is a night, for them to shine
There are millions of hearts, for them to admire
Then why burning in the shade, for the fear of sun

Birds don’t find the shade to fly
Don’t want to loose the dignity of wings
Don’t want to loose the pride of fly
It wasn’t wings but courage for procuring first flight

Burn in the heat, to spread the light
The sun is not to beat you, but to make you stronger
Look in its eyes with courage
Even the sun has to hid behind clouds

Then why burning in the shade, for the fear of sun………