Fight to live Together

Wars, riots and hatred
Do they have place among us?
But it is a tragedy to live with them
Inhaling the smoke spread around us
When hearts are burning with hate
Then why faces need to pretend peace loving?
Why are we dying? Why are we killing?
I wonder, are we supposed to call ourselves humans?

If hate is the problem, love is the solution
If injustice persists, struggle is the way
If tyranny is prevalent, protest is the means
If voice is suppressed, art is the language
If today it is my land, tomorrow it will be yours
Don’t let the silence to haunt your consciousness
Rise with the voice of soul
Let the words hit the drums of deaf rulers
Let the fear of God strike those tyrants
Let the streets resonate with the slogans
Let the hope of revolution overcome the despair
Let you and me unite
Let us fight the fire of division
Let us stand with the resolve
That we will fight to live together

Keep Your Trust in Him

Happiness is alive in you
Why then you keep killing yourself with prevailing sadness?
A tree has to bear the pain of winter
That too stripped of its leaves
But never it gives up on its fruits
When you walked your first step
For sure you were going to fall in the next one
But that was your rise to run miles in the life
You are the one who can reason
You are undeterred irrespective of the season
You have the voice, you have the vision
Allah has promised to suffice you with the provision

Why then worry?
Rise with the truth of your life, to overcome the fear of death
Bow down to your Creator when there is call for prayer
Be the one, successful by the words mentioned in Allah’s Book
Be the one to smile when in trouble by keeping your trust in Him


Evil only leads to the evil
An absolute derivative of the devil
its existence lead to human spoilation
like microbes taking on the dead ones
pouncing morality and then justice
making us as if we are bloodless
dressing the truth with naked lies
untill the counciousness gradually dies
degrading the souls to abbreviate to flesh
burning the unity and makes us selfish
beautifying the rubbish to the hearts

burrying the values to deplete humanness
bringing an envelope of sadness
opening the pathway for lawlessness
Evil steals your character leaving you in ruins
like a forest fire buring the greeness
A darkess gripping the eyes and then your emotions
prevails like a drought making the hearts barren
simply stands for the mother of all sins

remembrance of God
the only way
to fight for its eradication
The words of God are the light
for the souls and hearts

This life of yours is not for a play
Accountability of every action lies ahead
And our fight till the last man is with the evil
The sole purpose of our existence



Be there and don’t let them go
You will reap what you will sow
And you are here to plough
The soil of this life to prepare your grave
So be there and don’t let them go
It’s the truth that loneliness only befits GOD
Too weak are we to bear its weight
Understand their importance before its late
Alone you have come, alone you will go
But living alone is impossible, you know
An old man needs his son
A toddler his mother
A brother his brother
And heart need hearts around
So abandon agony and pride
Embrace respect and humility
Assemble in the shade of love
You could never earn more beyond your share
Like the counts of breath not surpassing your death
Leave the greed and come along
To hold one another’s hand and rise
Rise above hate! Rise above hate