Revolution says
Just a moment away
But you have to fight
For thousands of days

It is born in the hearts
Single voice, from where it starts
Sacrifice of days and blood
To turns slogans into flood

Some lives to see
Some dies before, with the hope
Revolution test the emotions
Revolution teaches patience

Pain and passion, love and hate
It gives life to the dead words
Martyrs and tears, beheld in souls
It destroys, it creates

Evil falls, good wins
It rules over the millions of hearts
Revolution takes the birth
Amongst the men of truth
The pages bear witness
Revolution creates greatness and greats

Have You Left?

Would we be heard?
No, is the answer
Humanity is abused everyday
Still humans are helpless
Among all the abuses from east to west
Who will listen to Kashmir?
May be, they open the pages of history
But, who is there to unfold our emotions?
Who will listen to syria?
Who will listen to palestine?
Who will listen to all war torn lands?
Will they remain a place and date on pages
And for ages to come
Why this war? Why this unrest?
Why can’t we humans uphold humanity?
Why this inequality? Why this disparity?
Why I see blood flowing in my valley?
Why I see tears in the eyes of mothers?
Why I see half widows, waiting and searching?
But, no one answers me
Are these the forgotten questions?
Or are we in the acceptance for it to be?
Where is voice of counciousness?
Where is passion for justice?
Where is the revolution in us?
Where is the revolt against tyranny?
Where is the dream of peace?
Answer me!
If you can’t
You have left humanity

Soldiers of Revolution

Known to them was that revolution has sharp thorns
Being audacious, carried it on their shoulders
Sacrificial blood would also had passed by their eyes
But hope of emerging flower after revolution kept them alive

Their nights in battle fields never let them to sleep
With a dream of revolution in their luminous eyes
Forgetful of their pain, kept surviving with deep motivation
Having the passion, to turn tears into pearls

Every drop of their blood has made the land fertile
For those to come, building walls of legacy on them
Sacrifice was something they understood with true meaning
Kept doing all their lives for protecting those buds to come

Smelling a scent of their blood, filled with spiritual passion
Breaking the shackles that kept my heart tied so long
Their utmost struggle is the drive for our struggle
God has kept rising the tyrants only for their great falls

A HOPE… #Kashmir

A hope
that beautiful days await
At every evening, I would be in the garden
looking at the setting sun
listening to the call for prayer
waiting to bow down with the righteous ones

the war would be over
violence would end
no more homes would be raised down
no more young blood would flow
freedom would be ours
harmony would prevail
paper boats from little hands
would sail without fear
no more tears
no more screams
no more pain

A mother would not be afraid
for her son
not to return back
days would be peaceful
nights soulful
coffins would remain resting

sounds of laughter
feeling of togetherness
warmth of love
would return
rule of law
without flaw
would hold

smiles on lips would be glowing
winds would be blowing
Singing the freedom songs of martyrs
paradise would return
to the long-forgotten valley
with the mercy of Allah

they can kill me
but not my hope

Strength of A Pen

History is the witness
No one has been able to break the strength of a pen
neither the pharoahs nor the Alexanders
Not even the cruelest of all
So I will write and keep writing
before their might
I know, they can kill me
But my words with take birth in thousands of souls

The ink is going to vanquish their tyranny
at every stage, exposing their conspiracy
in all capacity, highlighting the irony
a way to stand with millions showing solidarity

makes the writers and artists to emerge as soldiers
enkindles the forgotten counciousness, making a community to stand
buildozing the walls of ignorance like an earthquake
raises the hands with a unite slogan
It is a pen that will overcome their weapon
Because the ink in it is the blood of revolution


Proffer a harness to my voice

So that the winds could convey in that Valley

A message of mine to those bolted walls

Behind which lies broken hearts


After every dark night, a morning appears

This progression of tyranny will end

No matter if we are near or far

But not devoid of the mercy of God


Our destiny doesn’t lie in their lines

Even the paper floats unweighted in the air

This is the decree of the Lord of majesty and bounty

A test of our strength and passion


So do not belittle your heart

when your chest carries the name of Lord

A greeting to the purpose of the life

And a message from the truth of death

Stand even if your heads are cut down

If you bowed you will die a thousand deaths


Your spirit and soul is embedded with God’s word

The land is dying out of a thirst for your blood

Your life is now only a chapter of revolution

Your life is now only a chapter of revolution

13th July…. Martyr’s Day

13th July, Martyr’s Day

O flower! with roots in the grave
Convey my greeting to that martyr
Buried in that piece of land
How lucky you are
O thing! with eye-catching petals
To be close to his blood

A sign of our revolution
Source of the salvation
I still call this valley a paradise
Not for the reason, she is beautiful
But due to the blood of martyrs in her soil

When your bodies fell to their bullets
Millions stood in your funerals for your souls
With a voice of freedom in their hearts
with a song of crying depart
Sky stood the witness
Drizzling to pay homage
This day alone is not yours
Every moment of our lives and to come
Is for your tribute
Let these moments, for now, remain mute
To recall the freedom in our hearts
those tyrants can occupy for a while
but the musk of your blood will wipe them out
they earned the curse of million hearts
you earned eternity and legacy
eulogy of praise and prayers
you are the beats of our hearts
that will live till we die



O my friend
In the grave
Do my tears reach your way
Conveying my words
Across the barrier
Of soil layer
I long to see your face
To play with you
While you run and I chase
But you ran too far from me
And too soon disappeared in the heaven
Leaving me alone in the world
With your memories and says

I remember our road to school
Making it late to reach back home
I thought no one could take you away
Those bullets
pierced not even your skin
But our friendship too
And separated our ways
You as a martyr and me as a living dead

These tyrants may be enjoying, laughing and dancing
But they don’t know
Your blood will be their nightmare
When I saw your face
Before they took you to the resting place
All those years that we spend
Just ended on those lips
Though they were lifeless
But they were telling me
Our tales of friendship

You gave your life to this struggle
Giving life to our dead hearts
You had in you a priceless thing
The blood of the revolution
I believe the day will come
The day of resurrection
On that day no one could separate us
Because death will be also dead



Why do you fear the living ones in the streets?
You should fear the martyrs living inside the graves
Because you are helpless to kill them again
Their blood still burns your soul and pierces your heart
Their presence is a sign of glory to come again in the form of your loss
There is nothing more precious than their blood
So precious that even hard to find in the paradise
The last smile they go with is a source of millions of tears
And there presence even in the graves will keep burning
The candle of revolution
As many more unknown faces will walk as living martyrs
Really the blood of revolution is priceless
It carries the fate of nations
It carries the prayers of that mother who kissed his martyr son for one last time
So your might is just a useless entity
Void of any value and fetching you only the curses
Your smirks will return to you in the form of black faces
That you will be forced to wear when the justice will be served by the GOD
On that day you will see the blood of revolution that you shed
Your faces will turn more black by seeing the reflection of your tyranny



Come and tear this body apart again
Don’t let the blood to fall short
Untill now have we sparged this land
Let not the flower gardens dry up

See you the rouge of these flower gardens
Very less wonders are like this in the world
Why not flower will glow with happiness
When the land is the home of martyrs

I am in love with these wind
Which are coming from the paradise
Hidden is a secret in them
Whose harness is ours evocation

The blood of the martyrs
Every time has been the cause of revolution
It is the fortune of this nation
That in this time her martyrs are alive

The river of the blood
Have seen we flowing for a long period
The flower gardens of this land
Have been sparged by this blood