I Found What I Am…. part 2

in continuation with the previous one

I turn to you
O Allah!
enshroud me in Your mercy
before You enshroud me in the white cloth

if the door of Your house
would not have been open
I would have died in my regret

O world!
Don’t distract me
let me cry
I want to wash away my sins
May be tomorrow
death would come
without asking

I know
grave is the final home
in this world
yet I forget
O Allah!
fill me with the good deeds
so that I can die wealty
keep me firm on the truth
till my last breath

I Found What I Am

I finally found what I am
A corpse of tomorrow
Shrouded in a white cloth

I finally found what I am
A life that has to die

So what am I boasting about?
money, power and fame
strength, beauty and authority
or the relationships in the world
Am I proud of these thing
These lies
which will depart me soon
A dead leaves without them

nothing is absolute that I see
as evident from the past
where are they who came before me
I got carried away in the lights of the world
I forgot who I was
I deceived my eyes
in the lies
I never realized my existence
I sinned, out of my ignorance
As I never realized
I also have to die

I turn to you
O Allah!
….to be continued

SEARCHING; A Journey in Your Gone Life


Seeing backwards, in the dark rooms

With the light, which only I have

Everything still and silent, at its proper place

As I pass by


It seems only I am walking, talking along the way

Everyone here is listening, but not replying back

To some I am laughing, to some smiling

As I pass by


Some doors are open as I can see through

Some doors are still close as I knock on them

Hidden meanings, hidden questions

As I pass by


Hidden feelings, hidden emotions

Hidden happiness, hidden pain

Hidden days, hidden nights

As I pass by


A river is flowing, opposite to my way

With water of different colors, with stones and hails

Somewhere it rains, somewhere is drought

As I pass by


Little voices, sweet fragrances

Little joys, little worries

Little question, little answers

As I pass by


The way has shrunken, as I am seeing nothing more

Some noises and just some small cries

With a lot of songs that has remained unsung

As I pass by


Remembrances of loved ones is oozing out

I want to sit down, I want to cry

I want to change; I want to make

As I pass by


Everything there says, I am dead now

For we are gone, can’t come back

For we are left, within you and behind you

You still had to recognize, who we were, what we had

 Give us an address and be thankful to your LORD

As you have to pass on

To climb the mountains, to sail the seas

To travel through the deserts, to wait and see

For you are just a wayfarer, somewhere here somewhere there

For your destiny is only one

To meet you LORD GOD