To My Lord

O Allah!
Put my love in their hearts
To be remembered in their prayers
Not on their lips
To be remembered in their talks
Tie my heart with Your remembrance
To make my beats resonate with peace
You are the bestower of everything
Bestow upon me contentment and tranquillity
Take the hate away from me
This hate and pride is making me to hate myself
It keeps smoldering my soul
Seeps my senses and make me low
I know, You listen
Save me, O Allah!
From becoming enemy of my ownself
I want to enter Your house with pureness
I want to prostrate with tears to attain deep happiness
Your creation is the sign of Your might
Verily! my sight is too incompetent to reach across the heavens
You are our watcher, You are our patron
My breaths belong to You, My beats belong to You
To You I belong, To You I will return

Remembering Allah

O shackles of the world!

Break down and let me free

My soul is not from the place

Where my body belongs

Let me drown

In the remembrance of the One

To Whom belongs all

From the particle of dust to the stars

You see above

What we boast about?

Forgetting, from where we came

Forgetting, where we have to go

My pride falls too low

When I imagine my dead end

Picturing myself lying in the grave

To be left alone with nothing of the world

That I owned for some days

Only thing I feel real are the tears

That I shed in remembering my Lord

I came alone

I will leave alone

But my Lord never left me alone

And only unto HIM is my return


Sense of being alone was the most difficult
Befriending faith and hope helped me through
My stories now remain just inside
Triggering the memories at any instant
Now, those tears have dried
That I used to shed out of agony and pain
I was also a being, with human emotions

Where have I reached in this journey?
Now, I know!
It was never me doing anything
But, by the mercy of God
I was, I am and I will be
May be I had been thankless for so long
Now, I realize how foolish I was
Ignorant I lived all along
Mean and careless of the world around me

Season of summer doesn’t look so new now
For its illusion of happiness is usual
There is always a winter waiting ahead
And I am Preparing
to be happy in the cold
What it needs, is the discipline and to be bold
Let me now give up
the heat of jealousy and pride
To save myself from the frozen snow

Change is good, for better to come
Every passing moment is taking something away of us
Days have been over for many before
Our days are left for just a limited count
I always keep praying to God
FORGIVE ME! For all of my sins
And to all my close ones out there
FORGIVE ME! if I had not been fair…..