Unrest in me creates a fear of loss
My eyes starts depicting me there
And I like a tippler stroll in search
The thing which never existed which I lost
Unfair have I been to myself
Running myself there where time is yet to reach
Creating this unrest, deep in me
To corrupt my sleep, to malign my dreams
This is my battle, I know
But who would I fight, when the enemy itself is me.
How much I will regret then?
When I will be the one, reason of my loss


Smile in the Street

Uncelebrated cities lie mourning in these days of corona
I stepped out and saw a small girl running and smiling
A smile after a long time gave a hope
Sun has to shine and days have to pass
The wait will be over and Allah will forgive us
Indeed, He is the most forgiving

Tulips in the city enjoyed the human silence
You are where you are, roads have forgotten our dust
Where is that little girl?
Was it a reality or was it a dream?
Was it my desperation to find anyone in the city?


Hearts do remember
The things you do to them
Scars are left deep within
When you maul them
You will keep walking down the lane of life
Stepping forward with no coming back again
Carrying the burden of memories
Carrying regretful stories
With time smiling is no easy
And fakeness doesn’t last for long
You will remember
Those hearts in you

Charity of one true smile
May vanish the yearlong grief
Holding a hand
May make someone to rise again
One true prayer
May do unthinkable to someone
And down the lane of life
They will be waiting for you to come
As if you laid the brick
Now there is a home to live
Everlasting peace and tranquility
Hearts do remember
The things you do to them


 When everything was taken away
That was the time I learned to live
Because only life was left with me
With the certain death always near it

 Even the silent wind started to speak
But it was me unaware
Those words were also mine
That came from the deep rooted memories

 I still remember that road
Abandoned by people long ago
Kept wondering why only I am walking
And what is ahead of me?

 Oh! that window then with new pans
Was shattered by those stones
I also wanted to throw one
but when I bowed, got hold of broken glasses

 Unheard thing out of myself
Started ringing my ears
I tried to just close them
But those words kept seeping through my fingers

I went to the side of the river
Dipping my hands into the water
For dropping those heavy words
But its water was more heavy to take them in

I sat there waiting and trying
At last I again left for the same road
Not knowing where would I reach
Just in search of life in me

 I saw a gardener in between
Watering the dry soil with a smile
A nightingale was witnessing that
I understood, it was the delight of coming flowers

 My tiredness broke me to my knees
In middle of nowhere with darkness all around
With a heavy heart full of tears
But my eyes were not giving them the way to flow

 I heard a beautiful voice from somewhere
The eyes opened up to see a light
I followed and found the God’s house
Surrounded by the mercy everywhere

 I went inside and fell in prostration
My eyes began to flow with the tears
The burden of those words was vanished
It was the day when I lived my real life

Today, I may have everything
But those tears of that day
And The life of those momente
Is again on a search in me

 I still have those broken glasses
What if that window is far away
But hope is there to find the new panes
So to fix it and leave it new again


Let it be! It just happened
May be, it was written in the destiny
For you may have a broken heart
But they say, time is a healer
So, let it be! It’s time to see
For this locked moment, a key
As it is true that life has no guarantee
Say yourself, try! And be free
For these moments are just a count of three
Pain is temporary, it comes and flee
The endurance out of it, is a source of glee
Its always a question for them, can he?
Reply them, yes because it’s me

Find happiness in the oceans of despair
As diamonds resides in the coal mines
Free yourself of world and seek strength from the Lord
As He says in His book

“Don’t despair of the mercy of Allah”
Quran 39:53


By a wonderful writer

Tears are not only those that flow from eyes
Tears are also those which hearts cry

Tears could be hidden in the smile
Tears could be someone’s life
Some carry it with their lives
Some carry it with their silence
Tears are the witness before Allah
Tears are pearls of the paradise

Tears are not only those that flow from eyes
Tears are also those which hearts cry

Sacred water from great depth known to only Allah
So pure in emotional makeup.
They spring from vortex of deep emotions,
They flow in moments of greif,
They flow in moments of happiness.
They hold a deep mystry,
They wipe out the misery.
Like pearls they stream out of deep joy,
Like healing potion at times of grief.
That drop of tear dribbling out of eyes revealing thousands of stories of pain
Appear as dew drops on eyelashes,
Appear as Streams of clear water as they flow over cheeks.
Healing the scares on soul,
Providing moment of peace ,
Opening doors of heavens ,
By increasing intensity in repentance.
Tears are the way to realisation
Tears are the connection with Divinity
Tears are blessing in this life
Tears are reasons for true smiles
Tears are silent words unfolding innermost
Tears are the beautiful seas hidden in eyes
Hidden in the hearts, hidden in the souls
Hidden in love, hidden in the relationships
Hidden in the moments of life

Tears are not only those that flow from eyes
Tears are also those which hearts cry


Worn out after a long weary day
I sat on a big old chair facing the west
Looking at the beautiful twilight
and the gloomy sun of the peaceful evening
about to set behind the mighty mountains

Took a deep sigh while closing my eyes
Everything appeared still and silent
Except for the remains of chirping of birds while going back to their nests
Meanwhile, I heard some little voices
Small footsteps and a lot of giggles
Twilight started fading in my mind
Something familiar with my life started to appear like a dream

“A little boy was running here and there
Smiling and playing without any care
He was Singing his own songs while catching the butterflies
His mother was sneaking behind the curtains
With a lot of glee and hidden smiles

He was busy in his own world of imagination
With no boundaries for love and freedom
His mother came out to catch him with her loving arms
Running behind with a spoon with food
He ran with a surprising smile to escape the love
She hid herself behind the tree
And caught him with a warm hug
Kissed his red cheek and put the spoon in his mouth
Took him inside the lovely house
Closed the door and also my dream”

Soon those voices began to fade
Last light of the sun hit my eyes
I heard someone calling from the widow
Son, get up as AZAN is being called
Wash yourself for the prayer”
I saw my mother behind the same curtains
My memories brought a tear into the eyes
I again took a deep sigh

 I saw around, everything was changed
But what remained unchanged was
The love of my mother
And the time of prayer


Something strange around
Gazing you over and over again
You hear every day of it among the sounds
Surrounding everyone here in the world
Man only knows that
He lives in this world
But where this world lives is unknown
Legacies, wars and all success
Do they only belong here?
Do you belong here?
Or is it just a play for a while
And you
not even travelling a mile
You took as if it was the reality
Here, you are for just a span
Won’t live longer than these mountains
Egos and proudness will rust and decay
Time has not spared anyone
No space is there to escape
Appointed time awaits everyone
So something strange is around
And the strangeness will meet you
As a stranger of death


A lonely bird flying in my chest
Pecking my memories, flying back to its nest
Heaping them for the winter, about to come

I am walking down the lane
To see the setting sun
Kissing those remaining sun rays, breathing their last

I remember that window and its glass
Reflecting your face in my eyes
Now left in me are just the deep down sighs
I keep laughing while I cry
unfamiliar with this smile, bringing down the tears
You never came to rescue, when my heart was burning

Not your fault, because you never knew
My words are now left in the grave of my heart
Sometimes I visit them and stand for a while
Again I would see that lonely bird
searching for the same memories
Now, I am habitual with this pain of separation