When love is deep
Its warmth produces a spark
Kindling a candle
which long time ago
was doused by a sad sleep

Far away we go
to find one true moment of life
drenched in pure and divine love
we even keep searching in our dream
where we keep chasing the upstream
casting about, from where it flows
But what we find is
an unending journey, with no destination
Just taking us towards the death
untill we don’t look in ourselves

Wake up to live for the love
Whose spark is in you
There are candles still in those hearts
that you left
Again you can enlighten
The dark depths of love
For love is deep
Between the hearts


What HE(GOD) has kept in me, has not kept in you
What HE has kept in you, has not kept in me
But has kept something in us, that bonds us
And has kept something in us, that breaks us

Even the snow falls from the same sky, but none of flakes are same
Diversity is the character of nature and it’s beauty
Differences when filled with love bring peace and happiness
Like the rain fills the soil to nourish the summer
when filled with hate destroy the harmony and synthesis
Like an earthquake propagates cracks in the ground,
destroys homes
ruins gardens

What HE has kept in day, has not kept in night
What HE has kept in night, has not kept in day
But has kept dusk and dawn at it’s ends
For to bond them with the kiss of sun rays
At dawn, kissing the night to depart
At dusk, kissing the day to emerge from the gloom
And the flowers bloom afterwards,
some turning their faces, while others open their petals

Take some love from the dusk
When the Sun is about to send the ray for birds in the nest

Take some love from the dusk
When birds have reached their dwelling after wetting their wings in the setting sun

Sow it between you and me, to be that something,
bonding us together
Not breaking apart

Is Not Destiny Ahead?

Is not the destiny ahead?
Then stop and ease for a while
Nothing is lost, no hope had died
Still the dreams are alive
Pain is like a season and will pass too
Imagine the sun and rain, both are winsome

Why should not I tell you about the snow in my Land?
White and pure
My hands shiver in the cold, but my eyes dazzle with brightness
The struggle of my land had taught me love
Like a lesson written in the book
It is true that Kashmir is beautiful
But our tears are more
They hide and express every emotion
They reflect in our smiles like the images on the mirror
We have learnt to live with them as a blessing
As the pious souls shed them remembering Allah
A mother in the memory of her martyred son
They flow from the eyes of the father, sister and friend too
Carrying the burden of our sufferings
And address them to Allah
Making our tounges to utter the same line
Is not destiny ahead?
Peace is yet to come


Love gives freedom from the pain, agony and vexation
The pain of injustice of your own, when you made it to hate
Just because there are differences , among you and them

Love is made to heel, the scars left all over
It is the evidence from Lord, the heart always knew
But give it up, to answer the apparent vices

Love is a sign of mercy whose shower bring life to burned woods
Once again makes the nightingale sing, the song for abandoned ones
For them to come back to the places they had their dwellings

What if a fire destroyed the homes?
The love in hearts would give space for everyone to live
It would again put smiles back to their places

Love has no definition but defines many things
It grows small things big and has no lines of division
It is a sky where everyone can fly, without any fear

Love is the secret of hearts and was a weapon of Prophets
Love is the law which serve justice to the souls
Love for Allah, and in His way is the most beautiful way


If words remain unspoken
They become a burden on the heart
Sometimes acceptable, sometimes unbearable

We keep repeating them in our thoughts
But to no avail, they won’t reach there
The more we cry out loud in the silence
They only keep sinking in the quagmire of solitude

Words are not that facile when they hit the beats
Sometimes they are like pegged nails
They cause affliction when wished to be pulled out
And the silent pain keeps burning the blood
And it keeps simmering when they get screamed by our councious

Some words deafen the ears
Phobic to ear drums
But somehow reach the hearts
And sow their seed for the years to come

Words can touch, but can also scratch
Words can heal, but can also break
Words are like that, born in the heart and resides under teeth
If they are like thorns which can make the way tragic
Then seek the guidance from the Lord

He listens in the darks of the hearts
No word can remain unspoken and hidden from Lord
He removes the burden of souls when you stand before Him
He talk with you in His book, the words which came down from heavens
The ears of the world can be deaf, but Your Lord never forsakes anyone
Put your trust in Him, and let your words speak to Allah, the most high


Human essence can’t exist without emotions
The tears in eyes, smile on lips are the most appealing entity
But behind the veil they are pruned out of emotions

Emotions are like waves in an ocean of soul
Sometimes calm, singing the melody to the captain of the ship
But when they turn the tune to storm, they can engulf even the roars of thunder

When empathy adorns the hearts, the emotions  recites the odes of angels
Full of praises from the heavens acquiring stature above bodily existence

We love, feel the happiness, peace and contentment
Emotions bounds us with the hearts of people, decorate a dwelling for us in them
Makes us to embrace the beauty which our eyes see and hearts feel

Emotions lit the fire of passion to overcome impossible
Emotions drive revolutions with the slogans which tears the deafness of suppression

Emotions craves the humanness to the perfect shape in the humans
Emotions are the motion in which life runs along the clock

When they get sprinkled by the divine touch of Lord, the most gracious and the most merciful
They free us from the slavery of the world to wander in the divine and pure guidance of Allah
They become our utmost strength, to withstand the trails and tribulations of the world
They become our home where we keep our love and care for others

Emotions are the colours of faces, some are hidden and some are apparent
Emotions associated to things raise their essence
And those associated with Allah, the All Seer, raise your essence

Don’t break heart as they are decorated by the buds of emotions
If you will crush them, they will plead before Allah
And know that, heart is where Lord resides
Beware, don’t hurt the emotions of anyone


Me and these four walls, and
A deep friendship between us
I throw my words, while they catch
Together, a plot for a story, we hatch

They listen me with the eloquent silence
Building a relationship out of reverence
Protecting my voice from being stolen
Oblivious of seasons that exists outside
Oblivious of phenomenon which are never cease
When door opens, they are lit by the daylight

No reach they have to the sky with the flying kites
The ceiling keep the hidden from the eyes of sky
They live with me and I live with them
Together we have become each other’s chum
Long back ago, I wrapped up the mirror
With the pages, blank and white
Not to deceive me, and my words in my mind

Now, they are a new mirror to me
Reflecting me in myself
They see me praying, they see me smiling
Becoming a new casket of my secrets
Written on the walls, but breathing in my heart
Giving an expressive face to my loneliness
With time they have helped my consciousness
Reminding me
That alone you stand,
may be out of reach from the world,
but very close to GOD
On the wall is written a remarkable statement
You could blind the people, but not the ONE



From the rib of Adam, peace be upon him!
Decreed as the mercy from Allah, the most High

Paradise is beneath her feet
She is a way for salvation
A symbol of most purest love in worldly relationship
She is a mother

She is a living pearl of the ocean of life
She is one where rivers of tranquility flows
She is the need of difficult times
She is a wife

She is the light of the eyes
A glad tidings from the heavens
A pride of the father, a contentment of the mother
She is a daughter

She is the morals of the society
She is the depiction of revolutions
She is the inscription of struggles
She is veil of the beauty
She is adornment of the family
She is the wall of courage
She is the beginning of story
From where came the great ones
She is the mother of Prophets
She is the blessings from Allah
She is the one for whom words are less
From the rib of Adam, peace be upon him!
Decreed as the mercy from Allah, the most High

She is woman


By a wonderful secret writer…

Happiness ( The most wanted feeling in every world)
Happiness is when every beat of your heart sings the song of freedom,
Happiness is living life of honesty ,truth and justice,
Happiness is wiping away the darkness of hatred  and jealousy from the walls of your heart,
Happiness is feeling the true essence of love inside your heart,
Happiness is walking away from worldly worries,
Happiness is when you feel enlightment in ocean of knowledge ,
Happiness is when there is clarity and purity in your thoughts,
Happiness is experiencing closeness with your creator,
Happiness is when your soul emanates the rays of divine lights,
Happiness is in the eyes of true believer,
Happiness is in realising the greatness of your Lord,
Happiness is in the prostration in front of Allah.
True happiness isn’t a momentarily feeling, it is flow of tranquility in  your existence.

I Never Wished

I always wondered
what are these pictures that the people draw
what are these words that the people write
they seem so simple
an ink or colours on the paper
I never tried to perceive the meaning
but my struggle and the struggle of my land
also made me one of them
however I never wished to become

Today I see more than the ink
As if in them is an ocean of emotions
I wish to drown and sink in their sagacity

Now I understand
they were giving a meaning and life to their struggle