There are peace and calmness in your loneliness
when you remember Him and you know
He remembers you back
above these heavens

You ask and He provides
most gracious, most merciful
your heart longs for the tears
realizing your existence

you walk, He provides a way
you rest, He provides a place
you call, He responds
you say, He listens

I love my loneliness
because it is my relationship with Him
my aching heart find peace
in his Remembrance

Days Left in My Life


O Allah
For the days left in my life
Make me worthy enough for my grave
Make me successful in this world
So I could stand successful
On the day of judgment

O Allah
For the days left in my life
make me a righteous Son
so that I could live up to
to the expectations of my parents
The sources to earn the paradise

O Allah
For the days left in my life
Make me a hard worker
so that I could sleep peacefully
in the nights

O Allah
For the days left in my life
Make me someone’s hand
to help them when they need

O Allah
For the days left in my life
save me from showing off
save me from being proud

O Allah
For the days left in my life
Give me taufeeq
to cry in Your remembrance
when being alone with You

O Allah
For the days left in my life
erase my sins
As I have been a sinner all long

O Allah
Your love and mercy has no bounty
I a small being
Accept my efforts
For the days left in my life

I know, You never burden a soul beyond it can bear



Let your eyes remain wet
With a surface of tears

Don’t let the smirk deceive you face
separating the honest beats of the heart

be there with the voice of consciousness
or you will fell for the devil

save your sight from the evil
know, it may appear in attractive colors

truth is the word of Lord
don’t waste yourself in lies

hold unto Him
He would never let you go

regret for your wrongs
realize and grow in life

care for the hearts
don’t let them shatter

have patience and will
have trust only unto Him

be thankful and grateful
be no other being than Human



Just Listen to

Song of my heart

Rest I will see

You just tell me a journey

Never to return from mountains

Rest I will see

Just give shades of bright sunlight

Underneath I will stand

Rest I will see

Tell me where is snow

To see its glow

Rest I will see

Give me address of meadows

For my feet to touch its dew

Rest I will see

Tell me where are those lost winds

To listen their winter songs

Rest I will see

Where is that cloud of march?

That rains the rain of mercy

Rest I will see

Where is that orchard of apples?

To pluck one and run

Rest I will see

Give me love of my valley

To fill my sore heart

Rest I will see

Pray for my valley

Pray for my dream

Dream of peace

Rest I will see



O! the world, what if you left me alone?

Loneliness at last has found for me

A relationship with the GOD, above HIS mighty throne

With a promise to never abandon, like fishes never leave sea

See, I have also deserted accosting you

As you showed me lies and made my heart amputee

Out of your traits, instilling cruelty and greediness

Creating a crowd of such hearts, ruining peace and happiness

What is left in there, is a bunch of lies

Feeding them to the soul, until it dies

My soul wishes to give up your avarice

My heart wants to forsake the habits which are cancerous

Better to have a lone soul and heart

To fill as much loneliness as could be filled

Loneliness enriched by the remembrance of the LORD

“Verily, in the remembrances of Allah do hearts find rest”

                            QURAN; 13:28