It will Remain…

It will remain
Either we are close or far
It’s stories has distances in them
But hearts feel the presence
It merges day in dreams
And night in thoughts
Adorns every season with its charm
Be it winter, be it summer
Be it autumn, be it spring
It is not a choice
It just happens
It is love
Not a decision

Embellished by both
Words and silence
Recreates emotions
Recreates passion
Gifts both
Tears and smile
Love is the reason, why
life is beautiful

It will remain
Either we are close or far


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These distances
can never break my spirit
even if my legs will give up
I will drag myself to the finish
The will in me
is like a sea
even if you will set the whole path on fire
I will melt it with the waves of passion
Belief is a key
to your destiny
and belief in God
is a way to live

Passion to struggle #Kashmir


Our rising will be like a wall
our bodies as its bricks
But will not let you take an inch
To all those brokers out there
our graveyards are not for sale

Our land will emerge like never before
As it has absorbed the tears of the mothers
and the blood of martyrs
It has been irrigated by infinite prayers
like the rain falling from the sky

Death is the final destiny of life
But to live with honour is a choice
the smoke from the fire you have set
can burn our lungs and blind us
but will fuel our passion to struggle

8# Kashmir (will and passion)


what left is

just a will to survive

for to struggle

the coming days

what left is

just a passion in the skin

to battle

till the last drop of blood

what left is

just a dream in the eyes

to see

the rays of freedom

what left is

just a fight in the veins

to rub your tyranny

on the dust

what left is

just hope in the heart

to see

the mercy of God

what left is

just a deep silence in us

to erase

your lies and ego

what left is


the Kashmiris

fighting for the honour of Kashmir