If my fall is your rise
Take me to the cliff of highest mountain
But do you have the strength to climb
As I have already gathered it
Not only to climb but also to fall
Who says oceans are without borders
They are afraid even to cross the river
The one sailing in the oceans
Already has land in the eyes
If my death is your life
Then take even my days
But how would you live
Without the significance of death
Who says thirsty deserts are harsh
They are afraid to come out in the sun
The one travelling in the deserts
Already has breeze in the heart
If my failure is your success
Then take a step to earn it
But how would you succeed
Without knowing what failure means


Generally people of the world don’t remember what you did for them. So, you also forget what did for them and keep pleasing your Lord, the most high.

Your Story

Asalamualikum(May Peace of God be with you)!
I wholeheartedly invite and welcome everyone to share their story through this platform. Everyone has a story to tell and your words can be the source of motivation to others. Any incident or situation that you would have been through could inspire others to stand to the challenges in their life. We humans learn from one another, when message is conveyed in the right direction. The things you would have been experienced could be existing in other’s life too. So, I hope you will share your story with us and it would be quite an honour to publish your words on my blog.

I know and I believe that that there are people out there who understand the importance of lifting other people. Also, I am quite young and unaddressed about many things that life deals with. I truly want to listen to people to enhance my understanding of life.

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Format to be followed:
1. A brief introduction of yours and blog address
2. Your story, it could be an incident, experience, or anything that you have struggled with.
3. Your message to the people

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These distances
can never break my spirit
even if my legs will give up
I will drag myself to the finish
The will in me
is like a sea
even if you will set the whole path on fire
I will melt it with the waves of passion
Belief is a key
to your destiny
and belief in God
is a way to live

Be the One

Be the hand

to wipe the tears of someone

Be the feet

to stand for someone at the time of need

Be the silence in yourself

to resist the unforgivable words

Be the voice in the crowd

to fight for the rights

Be the shade

To save the lives burning out of helplessness

Be the one

who hold truth most high

Introduction to Struggle

Struggle craves out a different being out of you

Inducing propensity to see the people with their real hue

Ends the sunny days and moonlight nights

Sieving you in the darkness to search one ray of light

Struggle chisels a new art out of your veins

Burns your desires in the fire without flames

Shaping a destiny in the chapters ahead

Chasing out of you the things you dread

Fosters the vision to see the depth of soul

To measure the weight of the character

Gifting an insight to discover in you the loophole

Showing who you are in you like a mirror