I Found What I Am…. part 2

in continuation with the previous one

I turn to you
O Allah!
enshroud me in Your mercy
before You enshroud me in the white cloth

if the door of Your house
would not have been open
I would have died in my regret

O world!
Don’t distract me
let me cry
I want to wash away my sins
May be tomorrow
death would come
without asking

I know
grave is the final home
in this world
yet I forget
O Allah!
fill me with the good deeds
so that I can die wealty
keep me firm on the truth
till my last breath

Begging for Mercy

I remember you in my aloofness

soaked up in my sins for to beg

forgiveness in a state of humility

I can’t lift my face in our conversation

Can’t display my eyes that have sinned

I want to hide them behind the tears

for the fear of desolation from You

I beg, don’t forsake me for my sins

This world relinquishs at times of need

You hold and provide from the unseen

I stand ashamed for unrealized part of life

I stand begging for Your mercy to save me

An Apology

an apology

I apologize
first to Allah
and then
rest to the people
I don’t
want to die
as a sinner
as a mass of ego and pride
I want to be close to the soil
humbled and walking with humility
in the end, I could easily
adapt in the grave
life is no more than a morning
want to make it beautiful
before I was in the dream of death
and after taking the bread
I will again be in that dream
is the day of judgment
naked and barefooted
with all deeds we earned
All the nations
at one stage
and justice will be held
By the Creator
I beg for mercy today
and for every day to come
to shroud me in the shade
under Your throne
You told me
I am born weak
O Allah
I am weak for that day
I seek forgiveness through your mercy
my deeds are less
my sins are more
I have been unjust
I have been ungrateful
I have not
been thankful
I only owe an apology
to You