When I listen to the song
Sent once by you
I get lost in our story
Story of severance
Which has remained indelible

This silence
Is not a mere coincidence
It has roots deep in our hearts
Just tell me the beginning
Where it all began
Our apologies to ourselves are in vain
When even being there
We can’t help with our silent pain
Was I worthy?
I really don’t know
But what I did?
Was because I loved you like snow
White and beautiful
Which covered your heart
And froze it from me
Froze us from each other
Freezing our voices deep in the well of silence
Winter and we kept hiding from the cold
Watching the accumulating snow
Even forgot to put our footmarks on it
Which way this winter will go?
When will the spring arrive?
For that bird to sing your winter songs
And me searching you in her melody
I would ask that window for your face
For your tears and for you
I will request that bird to find you
To take a drop of tear from your golden eyes
In her beak and bring it to me
And I will keep it in my heart
To share its pain with me



I guess you have left too far
Leaving behind a coffin of my memories
Which were soaked in your blood for a long period
For me to take it to the graveyard
And entomb it beneath the ground

But I will keep your memories alive in me
Because I want to live with them
My tears will keep moisture preserved in them
For their roots to sprout deeper in my feelings

Whether it will be an autumn or spring
Winter or summer
I will keep writing the songs inspired by them
To gift them to the nightingale
For it to sing at the time of every dusk
To keep you alive in me

For those left in the grave
I will keep an epitaph standing
With some words engraved on it
Waiting for the day to come
When you will pass nearby 
So that you will come to know what is buried inside
May it happen at the time of dusk
For you to listen to the songs of that nightingale
Sitting nearby on a branch of my garden
And you will come to know
How I kept your memories alive in me
And how you left my memories dead in you
Buried inside the grave beside you


20190130_230837NAILS OF MEMORIES

Memories are coming home again
To strike the nails to cease me on a spot
With my hands against the wall
To ask myself again the same
Who I am and who you are?

The winds blowing inside me
Turn into storm when they bring them back
My eyes starts lighting and beats become thunders
Even though I stand still, but running miles inside me

They tie me back with the helplessness
I am seeing the wall
But with reflections of them
I want to pull these nails out of me
Which these memories have left drenched in my blood

They are taking my sleep away from me
To keep it on a clock with my eyes fixed on it
I want to drup all its needles
But when I go near it ceases to exist

You can’t see what I see
Drowing somewhere deep
Of immeasurable fathom
And the light is fading away
As I am going to my memories