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It will Remain…

It will remain
Either we are close or far
It’s stories has distances in them
But hearts feel the presence
It merges day in dreams
And night in thoughts
Adorns every season with its charm
Be it winter, be it summer
Be it autumn, be it spring
It is not a choice
It just happens
It is love
Not a decision

Embellished by both
Words and silence
Recreates emotions
Recreates passion
Gifts both
Tears and smile
Love is the reason, why
life is beautiful

It will remain
Either we are close or far

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Worn out after a long weary day
I sat on a big old chair facing the west
Looking towards the beautiful twilight
and the gloomy sun of the peaceful evening
about to set behind the mighty mountains

Took a deep sigh while closing the eyes
Everything appeared still and silent
Except for the remains of chirping
Of birds, while going back to their nests
Meanwhile, I heard some little voices
Small footsteps and a lot of giggles
Twilight started fading in my mind
Something familiar with my life started to appear like a dream

“A little boy was running here and there
Smiling and playing without any care
He was Singing his own songs while catching butterflies
His mother was sneaking through the curtains
With a lot of glee and hidden smiles

He was busy in his own world of imagination
With no boundaries for love and freedom
His mother came out to catch him
Running behind with a spoon, full of food
He ran with a surprising smile to escape the love
She hid herself behind the tree
And caught him with a warm hug
Kissed his red cheek and put the spoon in his mouth
Took him inside the lovely house
Closed the door and also my dream”

Soon those voices began to fade
Last light of the sun hit my eyes
I heard someone calling from the widow
Son, get up as AZAN is being called
Wash for the prayer

I saw my mother behind the same curtains
My memories brought a tear into the eyes
I again took a deep sigh

 I saw around everything changed
But what remains unchanged was the
The love of my mother
And the time of prayer

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How would you feel for those words,
Which perforate and touch your conscious
They silence you in depths of your own
Where they strike the mystic walls inside the soul

Words look brill when decorated
But touch only the lips of the one speaking them
The hearts superficially admire but stay locked
The bond formed is momentary and fades away

Words that touch the heart are the words of truth
They transpire from the heart and reach their destination
They have the power to pierce the heavens
And reach the place where they are answered

Life without words is like world without water
If contaminated, diseases arise
If pure, blessing poured like a shower of rain
The choice of words lies within you
You want them to make a graveyard in your heart
Or you want them to grow a flowery garden

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Hearts do remember
The things you do to them
Scars are left deep within
When you maul them
You will keep walking down the lane of life
Stepping forward with no coming back again
Carrying the burden of memories
Carrying regretful stories
With time smiling is no easy
And fakeness doesn’t last for long
You will remember
Those hearts in you

Charity of one true smile
May vanish the yearlong grief
Holding a hand
May make someone to rise again
One true prayer
May do unthinkable to someone
And down the lane of life
They will be waiting for you to come
As if you laid the brick
Now there is a home to live
Everlasting peace and tranquility
Hearts do remember
The things you do to them

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Deep Love

Don’t limit love only to the surface
of the face and eyes
let it infiltrate the depths of the soul
the storm destroys what is above the ground
but fails to touch what is beneath
deep love always remains

delicate things never permit harshness
they only let kind and soft hands to embrace them
the soil never let fiery rain to seep
but welcomes the drizzle to nourish the roots within

beautiful deeds pierce the heart
and love oozes out of its virtue
pure and true
like the morning dew

the journey of deep love
never ends with the time
never ends with the death
if God wills
it will continue in the paradise

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When love is deep
Its warmth produces a spark
Kindling a candle
which long time ago
was doused by a sad sleep

Far away we go
to find one true moment of life
drenched in pure and divine love
we even keep searching in our dream
where we keep chasing the upstream
casting about, from where it flows
But what we find is
an unending journey, with no destination
Just taking us towards the death
untill we don’t look in ourselves

Wake up to live for the love
Whose spark is in you
There are candles still in those hearts
that you left
Again you can enlighten
The dark depths of love
For love is deep
Between the hearts

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Addiction of Life

O you! Don’t see
life without death
she will laugh at your foolishness

you hold her dear and above
she puzzles you with the time
you always think you know
she makes you unknown to herself

she creates walls
you call it freedom
she says follow
you become blind

your love
what you love
will soon leave you
that’s what she has done
to those before you

but you won’t listen
and nobody ever has
because as you grow
life becomes
your addiction

to be continued….

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Enough is You

I might not have words
when I am about to say
But I do have
when I feel
I might remain silent
when you are among the people
But when they will leave you alone
I will speak
At the time you will need

There are many who will say good bye
But I will say
I will be there standing for you
I might not have beautiful gifts
to make you feel special
But I have a heart
to say
prayers for you
they might praise for what you got
I might not say anything
because for me
enough is you