You were not there before you were born
You will not be there after your death
You are just in between them
Forgetful of both of them

Every moment to come, project flash in our mind
We gravely pretend  to ourselves, surely to be there living
Being in a state of extreme certainty, forgetting the truth of uncertainty
Not our fault, we have lived that way all along

Who? Why? Where? Are always there hidden questions
Which we ask ourselves when the world around switch off her lights
When she again shines, we forget even our existence
Why should we blame her? When we ourselves are forgetful of us

Graves in graveyards are like words in a letter
Reading to us the same
When we came
We were like you
When you will leave
You will be like us
In between
Are you and your forgetfulness



I will be again someone far away
From your sight and heart inside you
That’s how you have accepted me to be
A shadow which only exists
When light from your forgotten beats
For me enlighten my dying memories in you
Then again it fades away
As if it is again like someone far away
When I will come back to the town
I will keep hiding my face
Even from the glasses of the windows
For you not to see
But would it matter then?
Because you would have already forgotten me
Like someone far away
I will take my shadow back with me
To listen to its epic tales of separation
Maybe then I will understand the reasons
Of these forgetful stories
Now, I alone write these words and read them
Because my heart is very heavy, carrying these unknown feelings
So I keep scattering them among these lines
And my shadow cover them to give them meaning
But I remain the same for you
Someone far away



In you, I am just remains of a memory
Who knows what will be there after a century?
Soon my face will fade away in your eyes
And I will remain as if I was also the one among your lies

May be the day when you would walk again on the same way
Where our feet have left invisible marks
My songs would appear again in your ears
But my faded face would be too hard to remember
I would wish for the winds to blow that day
To take that song from your ears far away 

Blurred remains of me in you should now die
For you to take a deep down sigh
Which is locked in you with nails of my memories

As my feelings for you are your enemies 
Relieve my faint spots from your heart
So for you to make a great new start
A start with me no where near you

Even the unknown faces never seen by you
Try to keep me in them, the last one in the queue
Where your eyes would never reach my face
And your sight would become tired to chase



Lost deep down in woods
Among the nostalgic memories of childhood
My cheeks were sweeter than honey
And I used to look like a cute bunny
Rivers of love and care were flowing around
Drowning was I in its joyful sound
Green were the surroundings around me
Blue was the sky with clouds like a sea
Like a forest it was and I as its bunny
Every day there was wonderful and sunny
Love in my heart was real then, but I never knew
Beautiful as well like the pearly dew
Innocent emotions like bees searching flowers
Tired they would come near my cheeks as honey borrowers
Fairness oozing from the heart like that of dove
Every stories encircling me were of innocent love
This beautiful forest was having everything perfect
Everything living conjointly without forming separate sect
Beautiful was the sunshine, beautiful was the rain
Healing every living one, eradicating the pain
Peace in its true essence was before my eyes
Truthfulness, a law of forest with no scope for lies
Morning with chirps of birds, evening with song of nightingale
Daytime in the lap of woods listening an unending tale
Unaware was I that time was burning the trees
Ruining the honey hives of the forest bees
River of love day by day was drying up
Destruction of time was offering everyone the death cup
Left are just those nostalgic memories
These burns of fire have no remedies
Now I see the flames swallowing the branches
The woods I am lost in, is now left of ashes
I come everyday to stifle the spreading fire
Helpless have I become to see everything continuing to expire
Every one leaving for someone’s new forest
With the same cycle, first to reforest and again to deforest
The winds once that delighted the soul
Is helping the fire to burn up whole
Along with tress it burned my innocence and peace
For there is no power on earth to make time to cease
What we think of life is just a fallacy
The lost of childhood for me is a tragedy



Why is my sight snatched away from me and missing?

How much my self has misled me and carried me far away


I cry, I do not enjoy my heart answering the spring of this Garden

Because my desires have taken away my happiness from me that once was in my heart


This world has taken away my heart’s eyes from me

And in some remote city I have been left blind and wandering


Give address to my heart to return to me with its sight

The light comes from this sun, even though I feel myself in the dark


Scared I am now from the colors of faces, as if they have no life left

The spirit of the flowers has become ashes and their colors are invisible


I think sitting on the bank of river, is it water or is it fire?

What do I think of the answering heart in the nesting when they are consumed?


My God will help me with my purpose, this is my prayer only

Because I do not want to live life like death


The body diminishes over time, so give beauty to my character

Return my eyes to my heart, so that they can see the reality of life



Life fades away, for those with dead hearts
Becoming empty inside, soul griping away from body
Eyes see only, what the world wants to show them
Limbs stringed, dancing on their lousy music
Loss is their identity, Are they really humans?
Or only a name, tagged on forgotten bodies
Lies of eternity, capturing their eyes
Drawing a veil over them of forgetfulness of death
Feelings taken away along with sympathy and empathy
Left in wilderness, to wander blindly
Not knowing where to go, where to reach
Enslavement a characteristic, ingrained deep in them
World now a joker’s play, bodies just with changing dress codes
Some colors are bright, others meant to keep dull and low
I do walk among them, saving myself from their shades
Those shades which have lost the address of their souls


After a long journey, there is still a long way to go, if GOD wills

What I see, is different than yesterday, and transformed

I also am not the same, the one who slept last night

One day of my life added and erased in the same way


There was a time when I had an innocent heart and soul

My chase was only for small things, like the butterfly in a garden

My face carrying innocent tears and innocent smile

How lovely were those days? Those days of innocence

No greed, no jealousy, no agony, no haughtiness

I gravely miss those days, marvy days of my childhood


I was not prepared to face this dual faced world

Where there are two hearts, one seen and other unseen

It devastated my innocence and sepulchred it in an unknown land

I am still in the search, but no one tells me the address

All this world made me learn, is to be mean and selfish

But these things were never accepted by my heart and soul

Although innocence of childhood is far away from me now

But I am learning to be innocent again by the strength I have left


Honestly, it is a tough fight with myself

As every day, I struggle against the jealousy and ego

That I have earned, from the day I lost my innocence

The reason is simple, for what I am striving and struggling

I don’t want to give back the world what it gave me of its meanness

As there are innocent heart growing up,

And I don’t want me to be the one, for destroying their innocence

Rather, truth is the need for me, as well for the world out there

I surely know now, that my days would also come to end, one day

And I would be raised again, to stand in front of my Maker

I don’t know whether I would be having any good deeds left in my account

But I would fight and struggle all my life to earn them

Rest all, I put my trust to my LORD

Without His mercy, I won’t be successful in this journey of mine



 Lost ones leave their mark on the hearts

Their remembrance, in these hollow bodies

Make us feel the life, for a moment

Prodigious is this smoke, appearing without fire

The fire that was there in, has been buried long ago


Lost ones with their lost dreams, are alive in living eyes

With tears flowing, from unknown streams

Would wish for more snow to fall

To bury this smoke deep in its layers

But, the sun! Would again melt it

To make the smoke alive once again


These eyes see a different world

Searching for someone they know, would never come

How strange? But not to them

Different things have due significance for different beings


Be kind to those hearts, having marks of lost

Your smile has a great power, if from the depths of heart

Empathy is really a beautiful word, if in beautiful souls

Don’t let them burn in this rain, give them a shield by your hands

Why your words to be hailstones?

If they could be soft like roses