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Asalamualikum(May Peace of God be with you)!
I wholeheartedly invite and welcome everyone to share their story through this platform. Everyone has a story to tell and your words can be the source of motivation to others. Any incident or situation that you would have been through could inspire others to stand to the challenges in their life. We humans learn from one another, when message is conveyed in the right direction. The things you would have been experienced could be existing in other’s life too. So, I hope you will share your story with us and it would be quite an honour to publish your words on my blog.

I know and I believe that that there are people out there who understand the importance of lifting other people. Also, I am quite young and unaddressed about many things that life deals with. I truly want to listen to people to enhance my understanding of life.

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1. A brief introduction of yours and blog address
2. Your story, it could be an incident, experience, or anything that you have struggled with.
3. Your message to the people

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Desperately waiting for the first one


We keep telling for the time to come
forgetting the oblivious nature of life
dreams we see and scenes we imagine
at the end of the day is just our fantasy
Do we really know what will happen?
In the coming bloom and gloom
just hidden is beauty in the contrast
between the day and the days to come
Have you not ever been amazed and surprised
at your existence?
At the graves and new ones in the wombs
We are also gradually inclining to the soil

You plan and HE plans
and HE is the best of planners
can’t escape the destiny
yours is only the choice
to make
or to break
the life after this life
earth will never settle
nor her folks
they only rest till death
but remaining forgetful during their days
ignorant of the fact
nothing you take while you leave
and the world forgets you soon
wealth only changes hands
power only the shoulders
but making blind of the truth
they never remain permanent
humans should know
they are not the rulers of the world
nor is their pride bigger than the heavens
if they could only realize from where they come
two impure drops
this is their existence
You still don’t know the absolute
unseen could be more prominent than what is seen
so live in a state of submission