When love is deep
Its warmth produces a spark
Kindling a candle
which long time ago
was doused by a sad sleep

Far away we go
to find one true moment of life
drenched in pure and divine love
we even keep searching in our dream
where we keep chasing the upstream
casting about, from where it flows
But what we find is
an unending journey, with no destination
Just taking us towards the death
untill we don’t look in ourselves

Wake up to live for the love
Whose spark is in you
There are candles still in those hearts
that you left
Again you can enlighten
The dark depths of love
For love is deep
Between the hearts


 When everything was taken away
That was the time I learned to live
Because only life was left with me
With the certain death always near it

 Even the silent wind started to speak
But it was me unaware
Those words were also mine
That came from the deep rooted memories

 I still remember that road
Abandoned by people long ago
Kept wondering why only I am walking
And what is ahead of me?

 Oh! that window then with new pans
Was shattered by those stones
I also wanted to throw one
but when I bowed, got hold of broken glasses

 Unheard thing out of myself
Started ringing my ears
I tried to just close them
But those words kept seeping through my fingers

I went to the side of the river
Dipping my hands into the water
For dropping those heavy words
But its water was more heavy to take them in

I sat there waiting and trying
At last I again left for the same road
Not knowing where would I reach
Just in search of life in me

 I saw a gardener in between
Watering the dry soil with a smile
A nightingale was witnessing that
I understood, it was the delight of coming flowers

 My tiredness broke me to my knees
In middle of nowhere with darkness all around
With a heavy heart full of tears
But my eyes were not giving them the way to flow

 I heard a beautiful voice from somewhere
The eyes opened up to see a light
I followed and found the God’s house
Surrounded by the mercy everywhere

 I went inside and fell in prostration
My eyes began to flow with the tears
The burden of those words was vanished
It was the day when I lived my real life

Today, I may have everything
But those tears of that day
And The life of those momente
Is again on a search in me

 I still have those broken glasses
What if that window is far away
But hope is there to find the new panes
So to fix it and leave it new again


Sense of being alone was the most difficult
Befriending faith and hope helped me through
My stories now remain just inside
Triggering the memories at any instant
Now, those tears have dried
That I used to shed out of agony and pain
I was also a being, with human emotions

Where have I reached in this journey?
Now, I know!
It was never me doing anything
But, by the mercy of God
I was, I am and I will be
May be I had been thankless for so long
Now, I realize how foolish I was
Ignorant I lived all along
Mean and careless of the world around me

Season of summer doesn’t look so new now
For its illusion of happiness is usual
There is always a winter waiting ahead
And I am Preparing
to be happy in the cold
What it needs, is the discipline and to be bold
Let me now give up
the heat of jealousy and pride
To save myself from the frozen snow

Change is good, for better to come
Every passing moment is taking something away of us
Days have been over for many before
Our days are left for just a limited count
I always keep praying to God
FORGIVE ME! For all of my sins
And to all my close ones out there
FORGIVE ME! if I had not been fair…..

SEARCHING; A Journey in Your Gone Life


Seeing backwards, in the dark rooms

With the light, which only I have

Everything still and silent, at its proper place

As I pass by


It seems only I am walking, talking along the way

Everyone here is listening, but not replying back

To some I am laughing, to some smiling

As I pass by


Some doors are open as I can see through

Some doors are still close as I knock on them

Hidden meanings, hidden questions

As I pass by


Hidden feelings, hidden emotions

Hidden happiness, hidden pain

Hidden days, hidden nights

As I pass by


A river is flowing, opposite to my way

With water of different colors, with stones and hails

Somewhere it rains, somewhere is drought

As I pass by


Little voices, sweet fragrances

Little joys, little worries

Little question, little answers

As I pass by


The way has shrunken, as I am seeing nothing more

Some noises and just some small cries

With a lot of songs that has remained unsung

As I pass by


Remembrances of loved ones is oozing out

I want to sit down, I want to cry

I want to change; I want to make

As I pass by


Everything there says, I am dead now

For we are gone, can’t come back

For we are left, within you and behind you

You still had to recognize, who we were, what we had

 Give us an address and be thankful to your LORD

As you have to pass on

To climb the mountains, to sail the seas

To travel through the deserts, to wait and see

For you are just a wayfarer, somewhere here somewhere there

For your destiny is only one

To meet you LORD GOD