Days Left in My Life


O Allah
For the days left in my life
Make me worthy enough for my grave
Make me successful in this world
So I could stand successful
On the day of judgment

O Allah
For the days left in my life
make me a righteous Son
so that I could live up to
to the expectations of my parents
The sources to earn the paradise

O Allah
For the days left in my life
Make me a hard worker
so that I could sleep peacefully
in the nights

O Allah
For the days left in my life
Make me someone’s hand
to help them when they need

O Allah
For the days left in my life
save me from showing off
save me from being proud

O Allah
For the days left in my life
Give me taufeeq
to cry in Your remembrance
when being alone with You

O Allah
For the days left in my life
erase my sins
As I have been a sinner all long

O Allah
Your love and mercy has no bounty
I a small being
Accept my efforts
For the days left in my life

I know, You never burden a soul beyond it can bear

13th July…. Martyr’s Day

13th July, Martyr’s Day

O flower! with roots in the grave
Convey my greeting to that martyr
Buried in that piece of land
How lucky you are
O thing! with eye-catching petals
To be close to his blood

A sign of our revolution
Source of the salvation
I still call this valley a paradise
Not for the reason, she is beautiful
But due to the blood of martyrs in her soil

When your bodies fell to their bullets
Millions stood in your funerals for your souls
With a voice of freedom in their hearts
with a song of crying depart
Sky stood the witness
Drizzling to pay homage
This day alone is not yours
Every moment of our lives and to come
Is for your tribute
Let these moments, for now, remain mute
To recall the freedom in our hearts
those tyrants can occupy for a while
but the musk of your blood will wipe them out
they earned the curse of million hearts
you earned eternity and legacy
eulogy of praise and prayers
you are the beats of our hearts
that will live till we die



Dead speak to no one, nor it’s grave
But when I go to visit the graveyard
My heart listens a lot of words
But has no voice to reply back, rather to accept
Human in his nature is very forgetful
Forgets even the favours from his Lord
Now, there are no lessons from living ones
Who are lost in finding the suitable dust
But unware which dust is going to engulf them
I saw a mother walking with his little son
He was saying to his mother that am I now old enough?
I laughed in my heart at his wish and mine
My to become child again, and his to grow young
Is it really the world unaware or is it me?
But world is filled with every kind of example
And the amount of lessons to be learned are ample
But then why we keep repeating the same mistakes?
And turn out to be victims of the life brakes
Love of life blinds us from the real love
If filled with selfishness and forgetfulness of death
Really, earth is not a place to achieve absolute justice
But a grand stage of deceptions and injustice
That’s why I beleive we die to be held accountable
For what we did with this life in this world
That’s why the graveyard speaks a thoudsand words to me
As the ones in them have their life tougher than mine



O you! Have stentorian will
What if, you would lose again
Fate rests with HIM, who is over the heavens
Gifted you the will, with the life
Failures are not the end
They are the dawn of success
Have a big heart to take on, again
To endure the pain, to fail again
Forests also catch fire
Left alone to be burned
The trees die, the wind kills
But emerge again from the near death
Due to dropped seed from burning trees
Amongst fire, in hope to make it again
Without struggling, nothing produces
Magic is a myth, exist in poor minds
Before fruit, there is a blossom
Reflecting the hard work and beautiful patience
Fight with harsh winds and cruel hails
Fight with the snow, almost breaking the branches
Admire the winds, moving the clouds
Admire the clouds, for carrying the rain
Admire the rain, to give life to a dead land
Admire the seed, to live while in a grave
Admire the flower, beautifying the summer
Be grateful to GOD, to make you live these days
Fulfilling needs, and gifting you will
Have will of life, to beautify its days
Have the will to fight, with resilience to fail
Pray for strength, pray for patience
Pray for peace, with a will to make it happen
O you! Have stentorian will
What if, you would lose again