Innocence is the garden of heart, supremely beautiful
An identity of the Prophet
An existential integrity for us to be humans
A veneer of the purity of the soul
A appraise of beauty of the emotions

Innocent heart even reach out with their silence to Allah
None of the faces in the world is as beautiful as innocence
Innocence is the beauty of glimpses, and purity
In whose eyes it appears, the sky along with rain sets in the them
When it resides in the heart, every words emerging from it touches

Innocence is the philosophy of justice
It is the evidence of righteousness and piety
the foundation of life,
the wetness of the eyes,
the ornament of the smile of a child

Innocence is an untold truth,
character of the angels
Innocence is the love of Allah,
His remembrance
Innocence is the way to solicit to Allah

Some lines by Saba,

Where has it gone
The innocence we used to live
The purity that used to reflect on visage
Where has it gone
Greed in the demeanor of selfishness
Devour our innocence
Or we have surrendered before
Ugly materialism
Where to find
How to get
The innocence we used to live
There would be a great havoc
If couldn’t find it
There wouldn’t be clue of our existence
If we couldn’t find our lost innocence
Where has it gone….

Seeking True Words

As I grew older
I lost the words out of my heart
Even though my voice became stable
But my words lost the touch of freedom
The freedom I was having
When my heart was big
When I was a child

I yearn to go back
to embrace those innocent words
But I can’t
They are left in me like the pictures on the walls
To measure the innocence left in me
Why I grew older?
To speak what my heart doesn’t wish
Now, I care more for the world
Even if my heart remains unheard
I shape my words for them
But they still remain unshaped for me
Why so desperation?
I ask myself, why?
The world has craved out my essence
Leaving it to die for her lies
Where is my heart?
Whose Lord is the Lord of heavens and earth
As it was rightly said
You do not die when your body dies
But you die
When your heart is dead
O Allah! Save me from this curse
Give life to my heart
Fill it with tranquility from your treasures
Make it pure like I had when I was a child
I don’t want to die for the desire of this cruel world
Which crush the softness and glow of my heart
Make people to meet my heart, not my false identify
That I have to leave back in this world
Let them listen to what my heart speaks
Nor the decorated words coming under the teeth

I pray,
Make my way easy to seek the true words from You, my Lord!


After a long journey, there is still a long way to go, if GOD wills

What I see, is different than yesterday, and transformed

I also am not the same, the one who slept last night

One day of my life added and erased in the same way


There was a time when I had an innocent heart and soul

My chase was only for small things, like the butterfly in a garden

My face carrying innocent tears and innocent smile

How lovely were those days? Those days of innocence

No greed, no jealousy, no agony, no haughtiness

I gravely miss those days, marvy days of my childhood


I was not prepared to face this dual faced world

Where there are two hearts, one seen and other unseen

It devastated my innocence and sepulchred it in an unknown land

I am still in the search, but no one tells me the address

All this world made me learn, is to be mean and selfish

But these things were never accepted by my heart and soul

Although innocence of childhood is far away from me now

But I am learning to be innocent again by the strength I have left


Honestly, it is a tough fight with myself

As every day, I struggle against the jealousy and ego

That I have earned, from the day I lost my innocence

The reason is simple, for what I am striving and struggling

I don’t want to give back the world what it gave me of its meanness

As there are innocent heart growing up,

And I don’t want me to be the one, for destroying their innocence

Rather, truth is the need for me, as well for the world out there

I surely know now, that my days would also come to end, one day

And I would be raised again, to stand in front of my Maker

I don’t know whether I would be having any good deeds left in my account

But I would fight and struggle all my life to earn them

Rest all, I put my trust to my LORD

Without His mercy, I won’t be successful in this journey of mine