You may have conquered our lands
But not the skies
we have learned to fly
Because we see falcons in the dreams

You could cut our tongues
But we will write with our blood
Our morale is bigger than your tyranny
You kill, and we are proud to die

See our eyes, you will see your fall
When we see yours, we see our rise
We both will remain the character in the book of Kashmir
Alas! You will be read as the antonym of humanity

The apple orchads will remain ours
The Dal and Wular lake will remain ours
The struggle will remain ours
Our Kashmir will remain ours

I Wish to Revisit…#Kashmir

I wish that one day
Sitting in the garden, looking at the ripened apples
I could also revisit these days
In the left memories
A tale inside worth to tell
How we lived in the Caged Kashmir?
When homes were made prisons
and the freedom of children was snatched
We all stood looking at each other’s faces
Witnessing the pain, grief, and anguish
In a moment of time
All became the same
Victims of destroyed identify
A prison worth seeing
The stories worth listening
All had a painful ending
Loss and loss only
The apple season became seasonless
As they appeared pale to the red-blooded eyes
Devoid of sleep
Devoid of dreams
Filled with unseen tears
O God, that fear!
What would happen in the days to come?
Would our existence cease to exist?
What would happen to our race?
What would happen to our homes and land?
Questions left for the destiny to answer
And we were left waiting for the freedom
Our rights became sole of the shoes
Humanity became the graveyard for deads
But we rose, we fought
We cried, we suffered
We lived, we died
We struggled all those days
In hope of rays of sunshine
Hope to prove that truths live the ages
Lies die with its creators

I wish that one day
Sitting in the garden, looking at the ripened apples
I could also revisit these days 

Dawn of Peaceful Kashmir

I want to embrace the petals of rose with my blood
As the thorns of separation penetrate deep in my firger tips
Tears and tears only! Where could I hide my pain?
You fell before my eyes and I saw you falling
What more can I say? A deep silence has covered me like the winter snow

O, the loved ones of Kashmir!
You left the depths in us when you entered the graves
Who will fill them? Only tears fall and get lost in them
I want to embrace myself with your blood
But you stand so far! Unreachable to me

Left are our ailing heart and crying souls
Left in us is a hope to meet you after this world
Left in us are prayers to heal the wounded gardens
Our Apple orchads are grieved by looking at faces taking care of them
Only graveyard are peaceful where you are resting
As our homes are cages and our streets are battlegrounds
Weapons and weapons only! In this reign of suppression

Deadly silence has overtaken our senses
Pain is ashamed before us to cause more of it
We now stand in a hope for the dawn to come
Dawn of peaceful Kashmir

A HOPE… #Kashmir

A hope
that beautiful days await
At every evening, I would be in the garden
looking at the setting sun
listening to the call for prayer
waiting to bow down with the righteous ones

the war would be over
violence would end
no more homes would be raised down
no more young blood would flow
freedom would be ours
harmony would prevail
paper boats from little hands
would sail without fear
no more tears
no more screams
no more pain

A mother would not be afraid
for her son
not to return back
days would be peaceful
nights soulful
coffins would remain resting

sounds of laughter
feeling of togetherness
warmth of love
would return
rule of law
without flaw
would hold

smiles on lips would be glowing
winds would be blowing
Singing the freedom songs of martyrs
paradise would return
to the long-forgotten valley
with the mercy of Allah

they can kill me
but not my hope

We Have Our Hearts Open…#Kashmir

The graves are not only on the land
They are deep dug in our hearts
How can it be possible,
The fire will smother in us
Our shoulders have become strong
carrying martyrs of our land
Your reign is nothing
Just a hand full of sand
Soon the wind will blow you away
Scattered will you lie on the ground

Our weapon is our hope
Growing with every new day
Although you have caged us
But we are few steps away
Never will you be able to afraid us
Our hearts are firm in faith
The day is not far away
When you will stand humiliated for your crime
Don’t belittle our voice
We will tear your deaf drums
You are at war with us
But you will never win
You can come up with more weapons
We have our hearts open

Paradise will Return

Dreams are burning
Left are my hopes, extinguishing the blaze
I see ashes through the window
Scattering with the blowing wind

Something is not letting the rays to touch my face
It is growing cold and frosty
My hands,
covering my face
To hide what eyes shed
Deep wells of despair inside
Have made me silent like a grave
But I will again sleep
with a hope of sun
I know and believe
it’s shining somewhere
I have faith, the rays will win
As I pray to God to eradicate my sin
Washing my eyes from the ugliness of the world
Filling the heart with the peace and tranquility

Soon the pans of window will glitter with rays
Soon the ashes will get buried in the soil
Raising the flowers which will extinguish the despair of the ages
Again the bees will buzz in the garden
And the paradise will return in our hearts
What I can’t see is the unseen
Then, let the tomorrow be beautiful
today I will live in that hope

We became the Believers

A voice can be suppressed
But it never dies
It is like water that finds its way
And when time comes
It breaks what comes ahead

Come and try with your might
You can boast for some days
But our voice will find a way
All your ego will turn into hay
You are no one to fill the crevices
You are no one to write the destiny
You are a spec in the history
That will remain as a dot
At the end of our revolution

My words may reach a few hearts
But above all they reach in me
I wonder how you will fights with them
Because your tyranny makes you unable

Your clampdown made us a dreamer
We became what we never had been
You handed over us death, we took it as life
You handed over us despair, we took it as hope
You handed over us fight, we became the fighters
You handed over us struggle, we became the believers

Long live Humanity
Long live Palestine
Long live Kashmir

Salman Wani


Proffer a harness to my voice

So that the winds could convey in that Valley

A message of mine to those bolted walls

Behind which lies broken hearts


After every dark night, a morning appears

This progression of tyranny will end

No matter if we are near or far

But not devoid of the mercy of God


Our destiny doesn’t lie in their lines

Even the paper floats unweighted in the air

This is the decree of the Lord of majesty and bounty

A test of our strength and passion


So do not belittle your heart

when your chest carries the name of Lord

A greeting to the purpose of the life

And a message from the truth of death

Stand even if your heads are cut down

If you bowed you will die a thousand deaths


Your spirit and soul is embedded with God’s word

The land is dying out of a thirst for your blood

Your life is now only a chapter of revolution

Your life is now only a chapter of revolution



I am walking with the broken feelings in my heart
Again, unaddressed not knowing from where to start
Left lost in the mirror in front of me
Like a broken ship in middle of a sea

Something is again seeping deep in my skin

Overtaking me and melting my patience
These flowing tears have a strange cry
A wait for the someone in the lost wilderness
Flames surround me when I look into the water
When I turn around to see, they disappear

Deep lost in the stories of mine
Like the lost sunshine among the forests of pine
Lying scattered like the sand on a shore
Submitting to the tides to take me along
To save me from the feet that will take me back to the world
For they will leave me again unaddressed

These lifeless legs are walking with a heavy heart
It seems that in the next step I will fall
But I know there is no one to take me up except God
As He healed me before when I was broken
So I will keep walking with the same hope again in my heart