No Justice For Her

O wailing mother of my valley
There is no court of justice for you in the world
Their laws have felt short for your sufferings
Their constitutions are void for your emotions
Our Kashmir is left silent in the voice for justice

Let them! Let them!
Let them walk away
with the blood of you womb on their hands
Let them live these days, deaf and blind
Our silence will be the loudest voice
They lit our blood
Our blood will burn down their institutions
They blood bathed our streets
It put a blot on their image

I know,
Your heart burns everyday in remembering what you lost
No medicine on this planet can heal your wounds
Those tyrants have enshrouded the wrath of Allah
They have earned the Curse of Kashmir upon them

Should I Go?……#Kashmir

Some one asked,
“Where is Kashmir?”
I replied,
“Take a few steps,
and then blood stains will lead you there.”
He said,
“People told me that it is a paradise”
I replied,
“Yes, paradise of the graveyards”
He asked,
“Why are you wearing Red”
I replied,
“I wore white, but untill I reached here, it turned red”
He asked,
“What is the weather there?”
I said,
“As Always, tyrannical!”
He asked,
“Should I go?”
I said,
“Suppression has not degraded our character. Our heart are still wide open”
He said,
“I will go.”
I said,
“Even though they cry, but will it make sure to put a smile on your lips”
He greeted,
“Peace be upon you”
I greeted back,
“Peace be upon you too”


How would you feel for those words,
Which perforate and touch your conscious
They silence you in depths of your own
Where they strike the mystic walls inside the soul

Words look brill when decorated
But touch only the lips of the one speaking them
The hearts superficially admire but stay locked
The bond formed is momentary and fades away

Words that touch the heart are the words of truth
They transpire from the heart and reach their destination
They have the power to pierce the heavens
And reach the place where they are answered

Life without words is like world without water
If contaminated, diseases arise
If pure, blessing poured like a shower of rain
The choice of words lies within you
You want them to make a graveyard in your heart
Or you want them to grow a flowery garden



Kind words could grow flowers even in the desert
They break loose the heart, to gush forth the tears
They in the sun would not evoprate, nor would be carried by wind
Kindness is the greatest trait ever witnessed in us
Why keep heart so poor? When only words can make it rich
Remove the stress of grudges from your heart
Let it heel….. let it heel
By seeking forgiveness, and forgiving
You are just your words
Keep them kind to be kind
Why bleeding others, when you could be merciful
Now, after being kind, let’s try to be merciful




Searching through the depths of those hearts

Remaining for a while, before turning martyrs

Thunder and lightning, burning roots of evil

Courage and sacrifice, for upholding the truth


Seeing the pure light-emitting, dazzled my eyes

A breeze of content ousted the clouds of sorrow

Pillars of faith, mountains with the peak in heavens

Delighted are all beings, from their presence


Even the earth feels proud when they step

Their silence is a song, for the easterly winds

Colour of flowers brighten, of their recitation of verses

Their smiles, glitter the horizons of sky


Searching through the depths of those hearts

Found the ocean of tears, shed for the sake of GOD

Make me fall in those depths, and sink me

To see what the world is therein, in which I have never been