Over my Head

Over my head
Are creatures of freedom
My emotions have dried like a desert
I can’t feel their wings
Tied with the chains in this world
Tied with greed, Tied with desires

I know, I see the sky
But still admire the human waste
I know,.I see the freedom
But still seek the slavery of insignificant monarchs
My heart and mind
Are on two different paths
And I am stuck between
Slavery and freedom

Over my head
I see the contrast in me between two lines

I Saw…

I am lost to that extent
Even I don’t know, who am I?
When I saw death passing near by me
I felt in me that I am alive
Life is not an elixir, that I could drink
But the cup of death had to be taken by every one
The tears in eyes are witnessing something of us
As if it is either helplessness or deep sadness
I even myself could never know the condition of my heart
Why then should I sneak in other hearts?
It is true, hearts are where God lives
Which way the heart would turn, nothing of this world know
I just heaped some words in me
My lips uttered the words but my heart spoke something else
The is no other greatest helplessness as of before death
That life passed away and no chance is left
But the forgetfulness of God is, even more, greater helplessness
That life is there, but chances are taken away
I just kept wondering and wondering and ended up looking myself
Unthankful of these favors by Him, I saw a person in myself  

Weaved with your Heart

True are those you weave with your heart
Whether they be words or relations

One does not die when his body dies
One dies when his heart is dead

My wish is to see the beautiful hearts
And listen to the stories that changed them

My heart not being a beautiful one
Atleast could keep their stories in mine

I Wonder, what is the secret of the soul?
How it feels the belief we have?

Is life a relationship of body and soul?
Is death an end to this relationship?

Who would answer me these things?
Life! We experience with every passing moment

Death is just one and unknown
So, weave the truth in your heart

Nourish the soul with Words of God
Only His words are absolute

Don’t measure the world with what you have
Measure yourself as per the deeds you have done

Your hands have come empty and would go empty
Be remembered as a prayer in someone’s heart

Life is priceless and a blessing
But will still leave us dead one day

What will remain to be remebered?
That, what you weaved with your heart

I can’t complain…

I can’t complain to my eyes
they have the right
to stay awake in the memories
of the ones whom they have seen
all there life
I can understand
why they don’t want to sleep
How could they?
when my aching heart
longs for the one voice of my loved ones
I know my eyes keep wondering
that how it feels
when the eyes of my fellow people are blinded
So, how could they sleep
in this melancholy

I wonder
at this strange
relationship of heart and eyes
when one pain other shed tears
when one sees beauty other rejoices
But what could I say about mine
It has just taken away the sleep of my eyes
But I can’t complain
I can’t
How my people are living under seige
have seized me
my heart
my eyes
So, why should I complain my eyes?

Our Struggle feat “The people of Kashmir”

Our struggle will snatch their peace
will leave them glum and down
They may be scowling but are miserable at hearts
Our struggle is a curse on them

It will torment their soul
Taking away the rest from their eyes
Deluded they have become
thinking that they have beaten us down
But never could made to keep us down
Our struggle have risen beyond their might
beyond their imagination
They fight to kill
to hold the reign of tyranny
And we fight to die
to hold the justice high
The mountains of valley have trapped their pride
And the hearts here have broken their courage
Everyone has now the same voice
” O, you tyrant
Come and try
we are waiting
with our hearts open
our faces may fall
but our struggle will rise
above the heavens
you can make our voice voiceless
but our slogans will chase you down
you wrote our history with blood
we will right yours with contempt”

Days Left in My Life


O Allah
For the days left in my life
Make me worthy enough for my grave
Make me successful in this world
So I could stand successful
On the day of judgment

O Allah
For the days left in my life
make me a righteous Son
so that I could live up to
to the expectations of my parents
The sources to earn the paradise

O Allah
For the days left in my life
Make me a hard worker
so that I could sleep peacefully
in the nights

O Allah
For the days left in my life
Make me someone’s hand
to help them when they need

O Allah
For the days left in my life
save me from showing off
save me from being proud

O Allah
For the days left in my life
Give me taufeeq
to cry in Your remembrance
when being alone with You

O Allah
For the days left in my life
erase my sins
As I have been a sinner all long

O Allah
Your love and mercy has no bounty
I a small being
Accept my efforts
For the days left in my life

I know, You never burden a soul beyond it can bear

An Apology

an apology

I apologize
first to Allah
and then
rest to the people
I don’t
want to die
as a sinner
as a mass of ego and pride
I want to be close to the soil
humbled and walking with humility
in the end, I could easily
adapt in the grave
life is no more than a morning
want to make it beautiful
before I was in the dream of death
and after taking the bread
I will again be in that dream
is the day of judgment
naked and barefooted
with all deeds we earned
All the nations
at one stage
and justice will be held
By the Creator
I beg for mercy today
and for every day to come
to shroud me in the shade
under Your throne
You told me
I am born weak
O Allah
I am weak for that day
I seek forgiveness through your mercy
my deeds are less
my sins are more
I have been unjust
I have been ungrateful
I have not
been thankful
I only owe an apology
to You



When I listen to the song
Sent once by you
I get lost in our story
Story of severance
Which has remained indelible

This silence
Is not a mere coincidence
It has roots deep in our hearts
Just tell me the beginning
Where it all began
Our apologies to ourselves are in vain
When even being there
We can’t help with our silent pain
Was I worthy?
I really don’t know
But what I did?
Was because I loved you like snow
White and beautiful
Which covered your heart
And froze it from me
Froze us from each other
Freezing our voices deep in the well of silence
Winter and we kept hiding from the cold
Watching the accumulating snow
Even forgot to put our footmarks on it
Which way this winter will go?
When will the spring arrive?
For that bird to sing your winter songs
And me searching you in her melody
I would ask that window for your face
For your tears and for you
I will request that bird to find you
To take a drop of tear from your golden eyes
In her beak and bring it to me
And I will keep it in my heart
To share its pain with me



I now want to give up with my words
For me it has become a stalemate
Because at the end rest prevailed in you
And I am left with restlessness

The snow which is falling there with deep calmness
Covering and soothing your all mishaps

How beautiful it would be outside?
When you will be seeing from the window
The whitness would be blushing in your eyes
And a layer of deep satisfaction would be surrounding you
Your arms taking you in
And heartbeats resonating the silence in you

And here I stand burning in the heat
Scorching sunrays disclosing the scars again
The pain engulfing me like the sea eating the drowning ship
Leaving me in fumes
I deliberately crush the fallen leaves for not listen my heartbeats
The silence is screaming in me
Crying and wailing
My eyes blazing to burn down the content
Within my skin deep

And I am left in a state of madness

The surrounding blanket would be giving you a charming warmth
It’s cozy feeling would be helping with your sleep
With beautiful dreams to come
With a beautiful hope to wake up with

And here I lie sleepless with my eyes open
Tired out of these emotions
Which I am carrying in me all day long

If you wished this to happen
With me
I gotta say you congrats
You got what you wished for