Dawn of Peaceful Kashmir

I want to embrace the petals of rose with my blood
As the thorns of separation penetrate deep in my firger tips
Tears and tears only! Where could I hide my pain?
You fell before my eyes and I saw you falling
What more can I say? A deep silence has covered me like the winter snow

O, the loved ones of Kashmir!
You left the depths in us when you entered the graves
Who will fill them? Only tears fall and get lost in them
I want to embrace myself with your blood
But you stand so far! Unreachable to me

Left are our ailing heart and crying souls
Left in us is a hope to meet you after this world
Left in us are prayers to heal the wounded gardens
Our Apple orchads are grieved by looking at faces taking care of them
Only graveyard are peaceful where you are resting
As our homes are cages and our streets are battlegrounds
Weapons and weapons only! In this reign of suppression

Deadly silence has overtaken our senses
Pain is ashamed before us to cause more of it
We now stand in a hope for the dawn to come
Dawn of peaceful Kashmir

Where is the Blooded paradise, Kashmir?

Let my eyes flow with the rivers of Kashmir
I pray to be rested in the grave of her soil
The martyrs whose faces I never saw, and they left
Let me see my soul drenched in their blood

Let me see myself burning with the leaves in the autumn
Let me live in the silence of snow near the window
Let me cry in remembering our pain in front Of Allah
Let me pray for the prosperity of the forgotten valley

We are living in the horror behind the veil of beauty
The paths leading to the graveyards are more settled than others
A hope, one day we will win over the war but don’t know at what cost?
My home is easy to find, just inquire “where is the blooded paradise, Kashmir?”

Not in Kashmir

The flames in me will never die
They will keep growing with every cry
Our lives a collection of anguished tales
How we keep walking over the nails
Every season has its own colour
But here, we only have red
Our doors doesn’t change the walls
Either sides of it has a prison
In our own land we are hunted down for treason
That too by those who are foreigners
Every day tyrants wash their hands with our blood
Even apples are now shy to manifest their redness
How many graves will cover the land?
How many names will be remembered with the tears?
The world has made us like a unaddressed entity
Whose worth seen not equivalent even to some pennies
The nozzles of the weapon hurt our ego every single moment
As if we are not humans living here
O, the free ones out there
Be grateful to God
That you are not the ones like in my valley
Where the eyes die everday
Be grateful, you are not in Kashmir


How can we forget all these days
Living in the prison of paradise
Yes, the autumn is nearby
And the leaves are close to abscission
Soon they will cover the graves
And the leaves of chinar will blaze
But what is there to cover our hearts
What is there?

Long gone are those day
When season of autumn delighted our eyes
The setting sun made it to look like an ocean of fire
Which used to burn
The tiredness of day
And we used to say
Look, how much heavenly is this land
A paradise on earth
A dream which everyone die to see

But, how can we forget these days?
When we are caged in our homes
Razors and nails are spread on our ways
Cutting us through

Let the leaves fall
As they grew green the whole summer
with our red
Let the leaves fall
To make way for the winter
And the snow will cover the graves
Again, left will be a complain
“What is there to cover our hearts
What is there?”

Story to God #Kashmir

I am on a walk till the sun sets

I see the oceans crying

with the tides of tears

to meet a soul that left

for the last journey

from earth to the heavens

for never to return

but he told me that

I will tell the God

the story of my valley

where I as a son

was separated from my mother

where my own father

shattered before my coffin

I will tell the God

the story of my valley

where the buds are shot

for the fear of growing up in flowers

and the winds keep weeping

out of the smoke of their weapons

I will tell the God

the story of my valley

where bodies are dragged

peeling their honour

before the blind eyes of the law

law of injustice and tyranny

I will tell the God

the story of my valley

of the raid of nights

of the bullets in days

of the blood on the road

of the terror in the hearts

I will tell the God

the story of my valley

of the torture of the bodies

of the screams out of pain

of the brutalities in the jails

of the reign of oppression

I will tell the God

the story of my valley

of the eyes torn by pellets

of the darkness in their eyes

of the end of their dreams

of the tears which are hopeless

I will tell the God

the story of my valley

of the unmarked graves

of the disappeared beings

of the orphans living

of the half widows waiting

I will tell the God

the story of my valley

of the hideous massacres

of the pool of blood

of the denial of justice

of the suppression of the voice

I will tell the God

the story of my valley

the story of Kashmir

bleeding everywhere

waiting for the next martyr

to rest under the soil