Me and these four walls, and
A deep friendship between us
I throw my words, while they catch
Together, a plot for a story, we hatch

They listen me with the eloquent silence
Building a relationship out of reverence
Protecting my voice from being stolen
Oblivious of seasons that exists outside
Oblivious of phenomenon which are never cease
When door opens, they are lit by the daylight

No reach they have to the sky with the flying kites
The ceiling keep the hidden from the eyes of sky
They live with me and I live with them
Together we have become each other’s chum
Long back ago, I wrapped up the mirror
With the pages, blank and white
Not to deceive me, and my words in my mind

Now, they are a new mirror to me
Reflecting me in myself
They see me praying, they see me smiling
Becoming a new casket of my secrets
Written on the walls, but breathing in my heart
Giving an expressive face to my loneliness
With time they have helped my consciousness
Reminding me
That alone you stand,
may be out of reach from the world,
but very close to GOD
On the wall is written a remarkable statement
You could blind the people, but not the ONE



Dedicated to those who lost their friends in the struggle of Kashmir

Never was the one
to walk with the sun
Although we are done
But I will see your there
without any fear
O, my dear!

Never thought about
That I would shout
in your absence
feeling in me the presence
of your memories
that you left for me
like a sea

Although you left
And I am alone
walking down the lanes
once marked by us
back in those old days
when at the end
we hugged and used to say
Goodbye, my friend!

These tyrants
have taken your life
burned down our world
before our eyes
I always cry
in front of your grave
to see your face
I know, you are there
but the blanket of soil
separates us

we will surely meet
on the day of judgement
I will hold you in my arms
and no tyrant will be there
to take you away
from me
then I will tell you my story

Enough is You

I might not have words
when I am about to say
But I do have
when I feel
I might remain silent
when you are among the people
But when they will leave you alone
I will speak
At the time you will need

There are many who will say good bye
But I will say
I will be there standing for you
I might not have beautiful gifts
to make you feel special
But I have a heart
to say
prayers for you
they might praise for what you got
I might not say anything
because for me
enough is you



O my friend
In the grave
Do my tears reach your way
Conveying my words
Across the barrier
Of soil layer
I long to see your face
To play with you
While you run and I chase
But you ran too far from me
And too soon disappeared in the heaven
Leaving me alone in the world
With your memories and says

I remember our road to school
Making it late to reach back home
I thought no one could take you away
Those bullets
pierced not even your skin
But our friendship too
And separated our ways
You as a martyr and me as a living dead

These tyrants may be enjoying, laughing and dancing
But they don’t know
Your blood will be their nightmare
When I saw your face
Before they took you to the resting place
All those years that we spend
Just ended on those lips
Though they were lifeless
But they were telling me
Our tales of friendship

You gave your life to this struggle
Giving life to our dead hearts
You had in you a priceless thing
The blood of the revolution
I believe the day will come
The day of resurrection
On that day no one could separate us
Because death will be also dead



When I listen to the song
Sent once by you
I get lost in our story
Story of severance
Which has remained indelible

This silence
Is not a mere coincidence
It has roots deep in our hearts
Just tell me the beginning
Where it all began
Our apologies to ourselves are in vain
When even being there
We can’t help with our silent pain
Was I worthy?
I really don’t know
But what I did?
Was because I loved you like snow
White and beautiful
Which covered your heart
And froze it from me
Froze us from each other
Freezing our voices deep in the well of silence
Winter and we kept hiding from the cold
Watching the accumulating snow
Even forgot to put our footmarks on it
Which way this winter will go?
When will the spring arrive?
For that bird to sing your winter songs
And me searching you in her melody
I would ask that window for your face
For your tears and for you
I will request that bird to find you
To take a drop of tear from your golden eyes
In her beak and bring it to me
And I will keep it in my heart
To share its pain with me



After a long-standing silence between
Our compulsion of voiceless lips
Your first words broke the gloom
Like the piercing rays of the sun
And the words inside me
Kept deep in the well of silence
Listened to the sound of the dropping bucket
And could not help themselves to stay back
Instead came out to evaporate in your rays

And what is this beautiful between us?
I tell you to say something more
And you say to me, “there is nothing here”
I then tell you that, “It’s ok”
And you tell me back, “Just let it go”

I will surely wait
And you will see
I will surely be there
And you will see

I will steal the breeze of your valley
And will place on your lips
For you to tell me some beautiful stories
…………. beautiful stories of you and me…