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Over my Head

Over my head
Are creatures of freedom
My emotions have dried like a desert
I can’t feel their wings
Tied with the chains in this world
Tied with greed, Tied with desires

I know, I see the sky
But still admire the human waste
I know,.I see the freedom
But still seek the slavery of insignificant monarchs
My heart and mind
Are on two different paths
And I am stuck between
Slavery and freedom

Over my head
I see the contrast in me between two lines

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I Wish to Revisit…#Kashmir

I wish that one day
Sitting in the garden, looking at the ripened apples
I could also revisit these days
In the left memories
A tale inside worth to tell
How we lived in the Caged Kashmir?
When homes were made prisons
and the freedom of children was snatched
We all stood looking at each other’s faces
Witnessing the pain, grief, and anguish
In a moment of time
All became the same
Victims of destroyed identify
A prison worth seeing
The stories worth listening
All had a painful ending
Loss and loss only
The apple season became seasonless
As they appeared pale to the red-blooded eyes
Devoid of sleep
Devoid of dreams
Filled with unseen tears
O God, that fear!
What would happen in the days to come?
Would our existence cease to exist?
What would happen to our race?
What would happen to our homes and land?
Questions left for the destiny to answer
And we were left waiting for the freedom
Our rights became sole of the shoes
Humanity became the graveyard for deads
But we rose, we fought
We cried, we suffered
We lived, we died
We struggled all those days
In hope of rays of sunshine
Hope to prove that truths live the ages
Lies die with its creators

I wish that one day
Sitting in the garden, looking at the ripened apples
I could also revisit these days 

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Let the Freedom Come

Left again
I and my lonlineness in the solitary room
With the door shut, expecting no one to knock
Walls also show no compassion, stand silent and cold

I can feel my silence
And the voice inside
I can feel the suffering
And the overwhelming helplessness
Unaddressed remain my tear to the outside world
Unfelt remain my emotions to the people

Let the earthquake happen
Let the walls fall
Let the storm come
Let the lonlineness blow away
Let the ceiling break apart
Let the sun melt the ice within

My words in me has only one meaning
Let the freedom come!

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Millions Out There…

There is not one lamp of hope in the world
That would douse and life would lose the essence
If no one is there, then know God is there
Just contemplate and you will feel the presence

In the crevices of the soul, He fills light
You can’t see any rift in the heavens with your sight
No one could stand before His might
Who has created this open sky for birds to take flight?

Why should the hope die in us?
Why should we kneel down to bow before the cruel world?
A slave of God is a true freeman
A slave of world and it’s evanescent masters is a true vassal

Break the mirror of deception in front of you
Look beyond to recognize the truth in you
You have one shot at life with no coming again
If one hope had doused, there are millions out there

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We will Overcome…

You can’t silence
What you don’t want to hear
You can’t bear
The weight of our tears
You can’t escape
Your fate
For this moment you can hate
But we will rise above that
You can’t imprison
The hearts that live freedom
Although you have imprisioned our Kashmir
But God willing we will overcome this siege

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A Poem to Tyrants

You killed, but I never died
I lived in the legacy behind
Lower you stooped to oppress
the lives to snatch their rights
you can short millions dead
But billions would rise up to fight
And again you would remain
an error in the pages of history
a stain on the face of humanity
cursed by the millions to come

You killed, but I never died
I lived in the legacy behind
Like a light shining in millions
A sign upholding the humanity high
A message that reached beyond
the range of your weapons
By killing my body, you strangled humanity
but my struggle and courage let that free

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Fire Inside Me

A poem written by a fellow Kashmiri friend and brother of mine. I came to know about him a month back, when the whole Kashmir was locked down and people outside Kashmir lost their contact with the families and relatives back at home. At that time, the news was being circulated on social media about a woman. She happened to be from Kashmir and was being treated at a hospital in Mumbai accompanied by her daughter. It was a very critical situation as they needed money because the father of that girl had left for Kashmir in order to arrange the money for the surgery. But the family lost the contact with the father and the situation became very uncertain for them. God has kept his servant everywhere to help the people, when they are in need. This guy stood up and started raising money for them and took the responsibility for their well-being. His name is Mohammad Yonous.
I am honoured to share his poem on my blog and it is my pleasure that he gave me such an opportunity.

There is a fire inside me,
Lit by the onslaughts of capitalism,
It grows wilder by the day,
Turning each flame into resistance ,
Bewildered by the blows of fascist regimes,
Driven by jealousy and religious jingoism,
In the name of democracy and national interest,
They lay a wreath to each block of liberty,
Fire which wants to go out and burn the corridors of power,
And enlighten the masses,
Enlighten them with power to decide and rise,
Enlighten them with freedom and dignity,
To stand up and fight,
And to take what is rightfully theirs,
Honor, dignity and Freedom.
Let the fire burn,
Let the resistance take over,
Let the flames of my soul,
Ignite the candle of peace and love,
Let my country be free again….

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Die Trying

From dirt I am made
to dirt I will return
in between lies the journey of freedom
I will die trying
whether that even being alone

to hell with the world
what if it forgets your name tomorrow
what has it remembered till now?
the wars are still there
the people are still dying
millions in my land are under siege
millions out there are being killed
in the name of peace
some lines from my friend
are still fresh in my mind
that you win the war
only when the humanity wins
the war to kill
is a loss to everyone

humanity dies every day
where I live
the tears in the eyes of a mother
speaks everything
when they take her world away
what world would you offer her to live?
yes, I mention her in every writing
because every day someone loses her son
the pain has no resemblance
a blot on the face of us
who call themselves humans
I can’t watch her to loose
which she loves the most
I can’t watch her wail
watching her son being taken to grave
these are not just words in my heart
this is all what I have

From dirt I am made
to dirt I will return
in between lies the journey of freedom
I will die trying

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Collective poetry #2

My lines

I was about to sing
Saw you standing
I stole the song from my lips
and hid it deep in my heart….

lines by Saba

But I forgot
The soul connection we have
Is stronger than mundane feelings
You listened to my heart
When my lips were tight
You sang the song
Whose lyrics were echoing in the valley
Telling everyone to get ready
To sing together
The song of freedom….

I am really grateful and thankful to you Saba and I wish you all the happiness in your life. Please don’t forget to check her beautiful and wonderful blog.