Spring without Smile

Spring in my Valley has remains of winter
Some days the sun shines, some days the rain plays the roof
These times have stole the smile of spring
These times have slaughtered the hope of summer
But hope will make a way like water does
I hope so
Till then,
I, fire and the memories will be sitting in the garden

Justice has Died… #Kashmir

Paroxymal are the moments I live
Since my homeland is gruesomely caged
I weep alone in this foreign land
With no one around to hold my hand

I see people spurning the humanity
Walls of captilism has blinded their councious
They do know and they do ignore
They just want to fill their bellies with more
What goes around comes around
The world is a boomerang, don’t forget
The fire in our land will soon chase you
Today it is my home, tomorrow it may be yours
Our houses were meant for us to live
But never thought we will be caged in them
As the picture has become blur with the pain
I still wonder, does our blood have something for them to gain
The world lives and the siege continues
The world lives and the humanity dies
Before their eyes and they keep living with the lies
All I see and all I can say is that
Justice has died

Give my voice a chance by sharing it


How can we forget all these days
Living in the prison of paradise
Yes, the autumn is nearby
And the leaves are close to abscission
Soon they will cover the graves
And the leaves of chinar will blaze
But what is there to cover our hearts
What is there?

Long gone are those day
When season of autumn delighted our eyes
The setting sun made it to look like an ocean of fire
Which used to burn
The tiredness of day
And we used to say
Look, how much heavenly is this land
A paradise on earth
A dream which everyone die to see

But, how can we forget these days?
When we are caged in our homes
Razors and nails are spread on our ways
Cutting us through

Let the leaves fall
As they grew green the whole summer
with our red
Let the leaves fall
To make way for the winter
And the snow will cover the graves
Again, left will be a complain
“What is there to cover our hearts
What is there?”

Fire Inside Me

A poem written by a fellow Kashmiri friend and brother of mine. I came to know about him a month back, when the whole Kashmir was locked down and people outside Kashmir lost their contact with the families and relatives back at home. At that time, the news was being circulated on social media about a woman. She happened to be from Kashmir and was being treated at a hospital in Mumbai accompanied by her daughter. It was a very critical situation as they needed money because the father of that girl had left for Kashmir in order to arrange the money for the surgery. But the family lost the contact with the father and the situation became very uncertain for them. God has kept his servant everywhere to help the people, when they are in need. This guy stood up and started raising money for them and took the responsibility for their well-being. His name is Mohammad Yonous.
I am honoured to share his poem on my blog and it is my pleasure that he gave me such an opportunity.

There is a fire inside me,
Lit by the onslaughts of capitalism,
It grows wilder by the day,
Turning each flame into resistance ,
Bewildered by the blows of fascist regimes,
Driven by jealousy and religious jingoism,
In the name of democracy and national interest,
They lay a wreath to each block of liberty,
Fire which wants to go out and burn the corridors of power,
And enlighten the masses,
Enlighten them with power to decide and rise,
Enlighten them with freedom and dignity,
To stand up and fight,
And to take what is rightfully theirs,
Honor, dignity and Freedom.
Let the fire burn,
Let the resistance take over,
Let the flames of my soul,
Ignite the candle of peace and love,
Let my country be free again….



Lost deep down in woods
Among the nostalgic memories of childhood
My cheeks were sweeter than honey
And I used to look like a cute bunny
Rivers of love and care were flowing around
Drowning was I in its joyful sound
Green were the surroundings around me
Blue was the sky with clouds like a sea
Like a forest it was and I as its bunny
Every day there was wonderful and sunny
Love in my heart was real then, but I never knew
Beautiful as well like the pearly dew
Innocent emotions like bees searching flowers
Tired they would come near my cheeks as honey borrowers
Fairness oozing from the heart like that of dove
Every stories encircling me were of innocent love
This beautiful forest was having everything perfect
Everything living conjointly without forming separate sect
Beautiful was the sunshine, beautiful was the rain
Healing every living one, eradicating the pain
Peace in its true essence was before my eyes
Truthfulness, a law of forest with no scope for lies
Morning with chirps of birds, evening with song of nightingale
Daytime in the lap of woods listening an unending tale
Unaware was I that time was burning the trees
Ruining the honey hives of the forest bees
River of love day by day was drying up
Destruction of time was offering everyone the death cup
Left are just those nostalgic memories
These burns of fire have no remedies
Now I see the flames swallowing the branches
The woods I am lost in, is now left of ashes
I come everyday to stifle the spreading fire
Helpless have I become to see everything continuing to expire
Every one leaving for someone’s new forest
With the same cycle, first to reforest and again to deforest
The winds once that delighted the soul
Is helping the fire to burn up whole
Along with tress it burned my innocence and peace
For there is no power on earth to make time to cease
What we think of life is just a fallacy
The lost of childhood for me is a tragedy