Leaving home for going back to the university
However I live in a small town, not a big city
But the most beautiful one in my beautiful valley
Amongst its sound woods I love to dally
Laying down to see the beautiful sky above me
As if it is kissing the mountain peaks with snow on them
The white and blue are in wonderful friendship
That deepens more when sun rays pay visit to them
Leaving not only home but also my lovely family
And some beautiful hearts in my heart’s family
As they see me leaving them
Their lips utter extempore prayers for me
Mine love, seems it have deep imprints in them
And for them, my love is nothing less than a sea
Same is with these lovely rives and frozen lakes
The charming winter and in it falling snow flakes
I always feel that I have to come back
To live with these beautiful hearts
As if mine and theirs is joined by diamond threads
And my emotions and feelings are like pearls hidden in oyester’s shell
Somewhere deep in the ocean of love
I have some amazing love stories related with this beautiful valley
And also with her beautiful hearted people
I always wish to write them on the paper
But when I sit to write them
I again get lost in the dreams of those woods
Whose shades have deep marks in my heart
My imagination keeps writing the words of soul
Untill the stories fill the valley of my dream
And again I wake up to see those empty papers
Because no words are there to write for what I feel
I will be again sitting on the plane and my eyes waving the moutains
Taking deep sighs in my hearts
And there a wish in me to came back again to write my stories



What is this enticement out of your love in my heart?
My heart find it hard to accept, to disappoint you
They why my heart turn rebellious still knowing all this
Being regretful, still desperate to come home again

This my struggle is with myself, why to complain about world?
Its my conscious which is weak, why finding weakness in macrocosm?
I not knowing even of myself, not of this journey of mine
Wherever my eyes find something, I run that way without caring

These irrelevant words, now custom of my lips
When it comes to speak the truth, I become voiceless
I have a grave wish for some tears, for some peace in my heart
Smile long ago has become upset with me, now I carry a lie on face

The death of these moments is my life now
Purposeless, no other better name for it
I tried to find for to see, but found everywhere death
My Lord show me the path of life, otherwise my life is itself a death



Innocent he is laying in a pool of blood
For him waiting, his mother back at home
Soon he would come, soon he would come
But not knowing, of his last coming
Many of these stories are from the valley
Forgotten by the world surrounding her
Who seeing her mountains from a distance
Unknown of these stories, call her a paradise
I heard another poet yesterday, of the same valley
Who lost his piece of heart belonging to someone
He just waits for the rain to fall from the heavens
To help him with tears, that otherwise have dried
His happiness lost in that grave
Grave where he left his piece of heart
But that beautiful face haunts his eyes
Which took his piece of the heart along with a smile
For him, there is no more paradise there
All he sees are just graves in a deserted land
Is there any market in the world?
From where I could buy a smile, for his lips
Somebody told me that a person in the valley has become rich
Seeing, it was the same one who used to sell shrouds for the dead
My heart is also losing its essence of life day by day
Why not? When our eyes in the valley are seeing only death…..



 Lost ones leave their mark on the hearts

Their remembrance, in these hollow bodies

Make us feel the life, for a moment

Prodigious is this smoke, appearing without fire

The fire that was there in, has been buried long ago


Lost ones with their lost dreams, are alive in living eyes

With tears flowing, from unknown streams

Would wish for more snow to fall

To bury this smoke deep in its layers

But, the sun! Would again melt it

To make the smoke alive once again


These eyes see a different world

Searching for someone they know, would never come

How strange? But not to them

Different things have due significance for different beings


Be kind to those hearts, having marks of lost

Your smile has a great power, if from the depths of heart

Empathy is really a beautiful word, if in beautiful souls

Don’t let them burn in this rain, give them a shield by your hands

Why your words to be hailstones?

If they could be soft like roses



Speaking to the jealousy, awning the soul
Why crushed the intellect? Chose only prejudice
Heart made to love, recast to smell foul
Of other souls and their characteristics choice

Scarcely any deeds earned, burning like wood
Weight of heart left merely of ashes
Made to stand alone, destitute of brotherhood
Setting everyone’s will, in want of clashes

Overwhelming pride left with an indigent heart
Forging the mind, to wander blindly
Standards meant for man, have made them depart
Consciousness inherited, left loafing ignorantly

Speaking to the jealousy, leave the soul
For you are, the source of evil and vile
Praying to God, to gather these ashes
Bonding the heart, with your love and fear