Remembering Allah

O shackles of the world!

Break down and let me free

My soul is not from the place

Where my body belongs

Let me drown

In the remembrance of the One

To Whom belongs all

From the particle of dust to the stars

You see above

What we boast about?

Forgetting, from where we came?

Forgetting, where we have to go?

My pride falls too low

When I imagine my dead end

Picturing myself lying in the grave

To be left alone with nothing of the world

That I owned for some days

Only thing I feel real are the tears

That I shed in remembering my Lord

I came alone

I will leave alone

But my Lord never left me alone

And only unto HIM is my return


Something strange around
Gazing you over and over again
You hear every day of it among the sounds
Surrounding everyone here in the world
Man only knows that
He lives in this world
But where this world lives is unknown
Legacies, wars and all success
Do they only belong here?
Do you belong here?
Or is it just a play for a while
And you
not even travelling a mile
You took as if it was the reality
Here, you are for just a span
Won’t live longer than these mountains
Egos and proudness will rust and decay
Time has not spared anyone
No space is there to escape
Appointed time awaits everyone
So something strange is around
And the strangeness will meet you
As a stranger of death


human value has gone too low
these bright boxes have surpassed even our greetings
interactions and meeting are no more than a regret
everyone walking like a deaf
with drums in ears
Is there anyone to hear?
your and my soulful voices
the sight has remained only restricted for a meter
how pity it is
we with eyes but have nothing to see
we have disrespected our souls
and emotions embedded in them
how could we ignore the creation of God
for just an invented piece of box
human is not only here to be known by his name
he is the best of creations

reality has become an animation
unrecognizable are we for us
wasting time, health and wealth
on these colorful screens
where every emotion is being sold for a price
and we buy them to ruin lives
humans have sold humans
and we keep laughing at this foolishness
love and respect have been replaced by
viral and trending

stop for a while
stop for a moment
to know who are u
only a profile or the best of creation
Are you someone on insta or facebook
or are you in someone’s heart
or you will remain only a name

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