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These distances
can never break my spirit
even if my legs will give up
I will drag myself to the finish
The will in me
is like a sea
even if you will set the whole path on fire
I will melt it with the waves of passion
Belief is a key
to your destiny
and belief in God
is a way to live

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Proffer a harness to my voice

So that the winds could convey in that Valley

A message of mine to those bolted walls

Behind which lies broken hearts


After every dark night, a morning appears

This progression of tyranny will end

No matter if we are near or far

But not devoid of the mercy of God


Our destiny doesn’t lie in their lines

Even the paper floats unweighted in the air

This is the decree of the Lord of majesty and bounty

A test of our strength and passion


So do not belittle your heart

when your chest carries the name of Lord

A greeting to the purpose of the life

And a message from the truth of death

Stand even if your heads are cut down

If you bowed you will die a thousand deaths


Your spirit and soul is embedded with God’s word

The land is dying out of a thirst for your blood

Your life is now only a chapter of revolution

Your life is now only a chapter of revolution