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Who Am I?

Undeniable, unstoppable
Unbreakable, unsolvable
Unshakable, unchallengeable
Undisputed, unopposed
Unbeatable, undesirable
A mystery and will always remain
Beyond the walls of space and time
Never gives up on anyone
Never forgets to come
At the appointed time
Harsh for the wicked
Easy for the pious
Unaddressed it knocks on the door of life
And says, “I am death”

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I Saw…

I am lost to that extent
Even I don’t know, who am I?
When I saw death passing near by me
I felt in me that I am alive
Life is not an elixir, that I could drink
But the cup of death had to be taken by every one
The tears in eyes are witnessing something of us
As if it is either helplessness or deep sadness
I even myself could never know the condition of my heart
Why then should I sneak in other hearts?
It is true, hearts are where God lives
Which way the heart would turn, nothing of this world know
I just heaped some words in me
My lips uttered the words but my heart spoke something else
The is no other greatest helplessness as of before death
That life passed away and no chance is left
But the forgetfulness of God is, even more, greater helplessness
That life is there, but chances are taken away
I just kept wondering and wondering and ended up looking myself
Unthankful of these favors by Him, I saw a person in myself  

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Weaved with your Heart

True are those you weave with your heart
Whether they be words or relations

One does not die when his body dies
One dies when his heart is dead

My wish is to see the beautiful hearts
And listen to the stories that changed them

My heart not being a beautiful one
Atleast could keep their stories in mine

I Wonder, what is the secret of the soul?
How it feels the belief we have?

Is life a relationship of body and soul?
Is death an end to this relationship?

Who would answer me these things?
Life! We experience with every passing moment

Death is just one and unknown
So, weave the truth in your heart

Nourish the soul with Words of God
Only His words are absolute

Don’t measure the world with what you have
Measure yourself as per the deeds you have done

Your hands have come empty and would go empty
Be remembered as a prayer in someone’s heart

Life is priceless and a blessing
But will still leave us dead one day

What will remain to be remebered?
That, what you weaved with your heart

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Remembering Allah

O shackles of the world!

Break down and let me free

My soul is not from the place

Where my body belongs

Let me drown

In the remembrance of the One

To Whom belongs all

From the particle of dust to the stars

You see above

What we boast about?

Forgetting, from where we came

Forgetting, where we have to go

My pride falls too low

When I imagine my dead end

Picturing myself lying in the grave

To be left alone with nothing of the world

That I owned for some days

Only thing I feel real are the tears

That I shed in remembering my Lord

I came alone

I will leave alone

But my Lord never left me alone

And only unto HIM is my return

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Leaving the world, yet another dead day
it’s sun preparing to set, retracting the rays
For ages, the sun has been killing the days
Stealing the years with months like may

Many souls around, sleeping the nights
Leaving their life in past with dead sights
Graveyards are filling everday, with new graves
everyone has to leave, in the coming waves
take heed as both life and death are the signs

What we possess is not really ours
Who before us have taken anything from the world
They also wished to live for the ages to come
never was it granted to anyone
life a debt from the GOD returns back to Him because

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Addiction of life…. part 2

in continuation with the previous one

this addiction
she will unveil herself of divine secrets
A purest form
gifted from God

evil is the desire of pleasure
it ruins her mystic nature
chisels the peace from the soul
like a woodpecker

death creates a way
shaping her purpose
As she says
“I without death am only an illusion”
she never owns the one
who owns her for the fear of death

face her reality
why are you running after a lie?
Although you can lie to yourself till last
but she will surprise you
with the truth of death

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Addiction of Life

O you! Don’t see
life without death
she will laugh at your foolishness

you hold her dear and above
she puzzles you with the time
you always think you know
she makes you unknown to herself

she creates walls
you call it freedom
she says follow
you become blind

your love
what you love
will soon leave you
that’s what she has done
to those before you

but you won’t listen
and nobody ever has
because as you grow
life becomes
your addiction

to be continued….

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I Found What I Am…. part 2

in continuation with the previous one

I turn to you
O Allah!
enshroud me in Your mercy
before You enshroud me in the white cloth

if the door of Your house
would not have been open
I would have died in my regret

O world!
Don’t distract me
let me cry
I want to wash away my sins
May be tomorrow
death would come
without asking

I know
grave is the final home
in this world
yet I forget
O Allah!
fill me with the good deeds
so that I can die wealty
keep me firm on the truth
till my last breath

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I Found What I Am

I finally found what I am
A corpse of tomorrow
Shrouded in a white cloth

I finally found what I am
A life that has to die

So what am I boasting about?
money, power and fame
strength, beauty and authority
or the relationships in the world
Am I proud of these thing
These lies
which will depart me soon
A dead leaves without them

nothing is absolute that I see
as evident from the past
where are they who came before me
I got carried away in the lights of the world
I forgot who I was
I deceived my eyes
in the lies
I never realized my existence
I sinned, out of my ignorance
As I never realized
I also have to die

I turn to you
O Allah!
….to be continued

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we keep telling for the time to come
forgetting the oblivious nature of life
dreams we see and scenes we imagine
at the end of the day is just our fantasy
do we really know what will happen?
in the coming bloom and gloom
just hidden is beauty in the contrast
between the day and the days to come
have not ever been amazed and surprised
at your existence
at the graves and new ones in the wombs
we are also gradually inclining to the soil

you plan and HE plans
and HE is the best of planners
can’t escape the destiny
yours is only the choice
to make
or to break
the life after this life
earth will never settle
nor her folks
they only rest till death
but remaining forgetful during their days
ignorant of the fact
nothing you take while you leave
and the world forgets you soon
wealth only changes hands
power only the shoulders
but making blind of the truth
they never remain permanent
humans should know
they are not the rulers of the world
nor is their pride bigger than the heavens
if they could only realize where they come
two impure drops
this is their existence
You still don’t know the absolute
unseen could be more prominent than what is seen
so live in a state of submission