Don’t demean the years of struggle by saying nothing will happen. The struggle will always carry it’s worth, but it is you who makes yourself worthless.

A Poem to Tyrants

You killed, but I never died
I lived in the legacy behind
Lower you stooped to oppress
the lives to snatch their rights
you can short millions dead
But billions would rise up to fight
And again you would remain
an error in the pages of history
a stain on the face of humanity
cursed by the millions to come

You killed, but I never died
I lived in the legacy behind
Like a light shining in millions
A sign upholding the humanity high
A message that reached beyond
the range of your weapons
By killing my body, you strangled humanity
but my struggle and courage let that free

Our Struggle feat “The people of Kashmir”

Our struggle will snatch their peace
will leave them glum and down
They may be scowling but are miserable at hearts
Our struggle is a curse on them

It will torment their soul
Taking away the rest from their eyes
Deluded they have become
thinking that they have beaten us down
But never could made to keep us down
Our struggle have risen beyond their might
beyond their imagination
They fight to kill
to hold the reign of tyranny
And we fight to die
to hold the justice high
The mountains of valley have trapped their pride
And the hearts here have broken their courage
Everyone has now the same voice
” O, you tyrant
Come and try
we are waiting
with our hearts open
our faces may fall
but our struggle will rise
above the heavens
you can make our voice voiceless
but our slogans will chase you down
you wrote our history with blood
we will right yours with contempt”



Let it be! It just happened
May be written in the destiny
For you may have a broken heart
But they say, time is a healer
So, let it be! Its time to see
For this locked moment, a key
As it is true that life has no guarantee
Say yourself, try! And be free
For these moments are just a count of three
Pain is temporary, it comes and flee
The endurance out of it, is a source of glee
Its always a question for them, can he?
Reply them, yes because it’s me

Find happiness in the oceans of despair
As diamond is there in the coal mine
Free yourself of world and seek strength from the Lord
As He says in His book
“Don’t despair of the mercy of Allah”
                         Quran 39:53



Freedom is costlier than blood in veins
How blood could be called blood
If not filled with the passion of freedom
How many weapons you would use
How many bullets you would shoot
How many lives you would take
New blood would be born every day
Born again with the passion of freedom
Not fearful of bleeding, instead dignified
Why fighting the loosing battle with these hearts
You might come with all forces
But not enough to beat the courage in them
They have abandoned the worry of death
With the hope of becoming martyr
Life at the cost of respect has no value for them
Fragrance of freedom is like that of musk
Which these hearts have already smelled
Now want to see it with their eyes
Untill they would fight and bleed