Spread My Message

I, you and everyone deserves
but visiting the counciousness has become seldom
the clock is measuring the span of our seige
again it would just remain a figure in the history
with a blot on the face of humanity
I am from the valley of Kashmir
And I hope you will spread my message
“O fellow humans!
show solidarity and stand for us
because if you will not
and will let us die
we will hold you accountable before God”



What seemed shallow was surprisingly deep
Thought my sole would touch the surface
But pierced through, touching the space beyond
My existence seeped into another realm
Shunning my appearance in my own self
To find who I was and who I am?

The place was strange
Veiling what is obvious
Unveiling the unseen
Filled with concealed reality and unknown affairs
Amazed I stood looking around
Searching myself
To know where I have been all along

People are often blind even having eyes
Closing them when asked about their existence
Living their days in their accepted lies
Ignoring their reality even on the inner insistence
Bodily life would be over, they know
Yet having conscious they are unconscious
The shallowness will one day disappear
Into the gloom what prevailed all along
In its fake existence