This season will also pass
What filled the air will too travel far from our towns
New feelings will emerge, new energies will be born
Life will keep singing
Either songs or silence
Memories will be there
Some in hearts, some on walls
Some before the eyes, some closed in pages
Only to be remembered for the ages

Gardens will again allure the bees
That our eyes will see
Petals will be in crave
To be touched by fingers
Gifting a blush on tired faces

The river will flow with passion
To make her heard in the sleep of silent nights
And freedom will come
to sit and enjoy while sitting on her side

Beautiful eyes will open
With the call for prayers before the sun
Feet will make their way to Allah’s House
Remembrances of Lord will buzz on tounges
All Hands will be raised before the Lord
To pray for well being of everyone
To pray for peace and happiness

Hearts will be adored
by the priceless words of Allah’s book
The sun will shine bright
Enlightening the corners of world
The gates will open
In welcome of blessed guests

The day will begin on a note, Written with many sentences
With the opening line, “In the name of Allah, the most Gracious and the most Merciful”

Beauty will be again defined by the thoughts
Written with hands, read with hearts

Birds will again fly far from us, along with the kites
Kids will be delightful while looking at them

School buses will horn outside the gate
For not getting late and children will run
With tied laces and innocent faces

Once our lands will get freedom from this disease
And from the malice in our hearts
We will see all this again
In sha Allah ( if Allah wills)
After this season will pass

Till then I will pray for you
And you will pray for me

Smile in the Street

Uncelebrated cities lie mourning in these days of corona
I stepped out and saw a small girl running and smiling
A smile after a long time gave a hope
Sun has to shine and days have to pass
The wait will be over and Allah will forgive us
Indeed, He is the most forgiving

Tulips in the city enjoyed the human silence
You are where you are, roads have forgotten our dust
Where is that little girl?
Was it a reality or was it a dream?
Was it my desperation to find anyone in the city?

Flying Above Hostages

I, a hostage in my dwelling looking above
Those with the wings are flying in the flaxen sky
Freedom they have, from the curbs of the land
Imprisoned I stand, in these times of pandemic

Freedom they have, from the walls and frontiers
Freedom they have, from the wars of the land
We have tied the rope of slavery around our necks
Rope branded with freedom, that we keep dragging under serfdom

How could we have those wings, when we don’t deserve the sky
We deserve this cruel land where we keep slaying humanity
We have cut the pieces of lands to showcase jingoism
We have slayed one another to attain superiority

Let them fly!
They deserve the sky
We kept abusing the nature,
Now, we have got our dues back

In Hope to Reach…

They are walking miles from those mammoth cities to their scattered small places. Who are they? They are the same ones who built those cities. They are the same ones who built those same roads on which they are walking step by step, starving and dying. Some say they are violating the laws. What are those laws? Only mere words which tongues utter and hands write. True, no one is above the law. But every empty stomach is above the law. Every human life is above the law. When humiliation exists, honour becomes the law. When human rights are violated, the revolution becomes the law. In these times, millions are walking just because they have to reach their home. They have to see their families. When the rulers forget them, soon they will be forgotten by those same people. They are being judged and opinions are being drafted behind their backs. But they are walking, because the truth is that they don’t care about the judgements and the opinions thrown at them them. When they will reach, and I pray for them to reach safely their homes. They will look back at their journey, their helplessness, their pain and humiliation that they suffered. They will weep but no one will show their tears. There will be millions of stories, but only few will be written. This happens when rulers seek power over the welfare of the state.

When humiliation exists, honour becomes the law. When human rights are violated, the revolution becomes the law.

We know the pain and the humiliation, because the people of our land have suffered from the same hands. When we Kashmiris were held hostages in our own homes and millions of painful stories remained veiled in millions of aching hearts. When our existence was put at stake and our voices were silenced. We too screamed, but the world stood deaf and dump in defining the laws of the land. No law is above the people, no law is above their lives. But, still we never let ourselves down by learning to hate others. We learned to pray for other’s well being. Our struggle has taught us to respect human emotions. Our struggle has taught us to sympathise with those walking on the roads to reach their dwelling. Our struggle has taught us to pray for all who are affected by this pandemic of Corona virus. Our emotions stand in empathy with the countries which are suffering at this moment. Only those learn to hate who spread the hate. But those who struggle for love and peace, rise above the hate. I along with all my Kashmiri people pray to God, for ourselves and the rest of the world to save us from the pandemic of Corona Virus

Spring without Smile

Spring in my Valley has remains of winter
Some days the sun shines, some days the rain plays the roof
These times have stole the smile of spring
These times have slaughtered the hope of summer
But hope will make a way like water does
I hope so
Till then,
I, fire and the memories will be sitting in the garden

When I would see again?

I looked through the needles of the pine
The sun was having it’s last shine
The town looked beautiful from the top
Fading greenery in the golden rays seemed like,
What eyes had never seen
I kept looking and words were coming to life on my lips
Silence was singing the beautiful songs
My heart stood still to take it all
As I drove back to my town
Silence started to become ugly
Few faces that were looking had eyes filled with fear
Everyone was speaking of the virus that has invaded this mean world
And news read that more than yesterday passed away
Silence was screaming the events of horror
Here it was
One in my town was tested positive
It broke down as if lightning had fallen without any thunder
Lips started remembering the Lord of everything
O Allah, save us all!
Everyone locked their gates
And became prisoners of their own house
The plan people had one weak before
Came crashing down
For the first time we all together realized
We are not in control of life
Now, I don’t know, when I would see the sunset of my beautiful town?