Human essence can’t exist without emotions
The tears in eyes, smile on lips are the most appealing entity
But behind the veil they are pruned out of emotions

Emotions are like waves in an ocean of soul
Sometimes calm, singing the melody to the captain of the ship
But when they turn the tune to storm, they can engulf even the roars of thunder

When empathy adorns the hearts, the emotions  recites the odes of angels
Full of praises from the heavens acquiring stature above bodily existence

We love, feel the happiness, peace and contentment
Emotions bounds us with the hearts of people, decorate a dwelling for us in them
Makes us to embrace the beauty which our eyes see and hearts feel

Emotions lit the fire of passion to overcome impossible
Emotions drive revolutions with the slogans which tears the deafness of suppression

Emotions craves the humanness to the perfect shape in the humans
Emotions are the motion in which life runs along the clock

When they get sprinkled by the divine touch of Lord, the most gracious and the most merciful
They free us from the slavery of the world to wander in the divine and pure guidance of Allah
They become our utmost strength, to withstand the trails and tribulations of the world
They become our home where we keep our love and care for others

Emotions are the colours of faces, some are hidden and some are apparent
Emotions associated to things raise their essence
And those associated with Allah, the All Seer, raise your essence

Don’t break heart as they are decorated by the buds of emotions
If you will crush them, they will plead before Allah
And know that, heart is where Lord resides
Beware, don’t hurt the emotions of anyone


By a wonderful writer

Tears are not only those that flow from eyes
Tears are also those which hearts cry

Tears could be hidden in the smile
Tears could be someone’s life
Some carry it with their lives
Some carry it with their silence
Tears are the witness before Allah
Tears are pearls of the paradise

Tears are not only those that flow from eyes
Tears are also those which hearts cry

Sacred water from great depth known to only Allah
So pure in emotional makeup.
They spring from vortex of deep emotions,
They flow in moments of greif,
They flow in moments of happiness.
They hold a deep mystry,
They wipe out the misery.
Like pearls they stream out of deep joy,
Like healing potion at times of grief.
That drop of tear dribbling out of eyes revealing thousands of stories of pain
Appear as dew drops on eyelashes,
Appear as Streams of clear water as they flow over cheeks.
Healing the scares on soul,
Providing moment of peace ,
Opening doors of heavens ,
By increasing intensity in repentance.
Tears are the way to realisation
Tears are the connection with Divinity
Tears are blessing in this life
Tears are reasons for true smiles
Tears are silent words unfolding innermost
Tears are the beautiful seas hidden in eyes
Hidden in the hearts, hidden in the souls
Hidden in love, hidden in the relationships
Hidden in the moments of life

Tears are not only those that flow from eyes
Tears are also those which hearts cry

Let me live with these Sighs

Land of the faces devoid of emotions
A common pain, a common grief
Where is the freedom? Where is the justice?
There is tyranny, there are graves

I want to run away far in the mountains
Where snow never vanish, where there is cold
I want to freeze my feelings, freeze my emotions
Freeze my tears, to let them live for ages

O Kashmir! O beautiful!
Your rivers are like hair lock on a beautiful face
Poets wrote you for ages like a dream
But today you scream and the cities are silent

Let me live far away on these mountain
You look beautiful to my eyes
Let me live with these sighs!
Let me live with these sighs!

Weaved with your Heart

True are those you weave with your heart
Whether they be words or relations

One does not die when his body dies
One dies when his heart is dead

My wish is to see the beautiful hearts
And listen to the stories that changed them

My heart not being a beautiful one
Atleast could keep their stories in mine

I Wonder, what is the secret of the soul?
How it feels the belief we have?

Is life a relationship of body and soul?
Is death an end to this relationship?

Who would answer me these things?
Life! We experience with every passing moment

Death is just one and unknown
So, weave the truth in your heart

Nourish the soul with Words of God
Only His words are absolute

Don’t measure the world with what you have
Measure yourself as per the deeds you have done

Your hands have come empty and would go empty
Be remembered as a prayer in someone’s heart

Life is priceless and a blessing
But will still leave us dead one day

What will remain to be remebered?
That, what you weaved with your heart

Let the Rain Fall…

Let the rain drops touch my face
I crave to see from where they come

Purest and kindest in the nature
Let them seep deep in my heart
Dousing the flames of jealousy
Bringing back the peace of soul

Let the rain fall! Let the rain fall!
Let it kiss the leaves of the garden
Let it wine the day in it’s melos
Let it trance me to become amnesiac
Let me live this moment with the drops
Let the rain touch my soul

I wish to be petals of a flower
Welcoming the rain to travel the curl
Dropping it delicately down on soil
To exude deep beyong the roots
Laving the counciousness to be pristine
Let the rain fall! Let the rain fall!



There are peace and calmness in your loneliness
when you remember Him and you know
He remembers you back
above these heavens

You ask and He provides
most gracious, most merciful
your heart longs for the tears
realizing your existence

you walk, He provides a way
you rest, He provides a place
you call, He responds
you say, He listens

I love my loneliness
because it is my relationship with Him
my aching heart find peace
in his Remembrance



When I meet the beautiful hearts
I complained the one inside me
Where you have lost your beauty?
A reply came to me
Deep in the world, amongst your desires
You betrayed your eyes
And lost your real sight
I used to beat requesting you
Don’t go too far behind them
Soon, they will blind you
And will make you deaf
I needed love
You gave me greed
For today you complain to me
You unveiled me before the world
And veiled me from remembering the God
I cried in the nights
When you used to dream
Dreaming the world and its lies
Go and ask the mirror
Where you used to beautifying yourself
But ruining mine
You exposed me to ugliness
And today expecting beauty from me
Go and complain to your worldly desires
For they are still ruining my beauty
They still won’t listen you
For they have in their genes, to deceive you
But there is always someone waiting for you
Your Lord, the most gracious and the most merciful
Only He is there to give my beauty back
You complained me, but for long time
I had a complain against you