I belong to You…

Prayers lighten my heavy heart
Which is fighting with the nails of vices
breaking with the burden of choices
But words of God show me the way
To keep me standing with every new day

The desires keep nipping me inside
I just want to walk a way and they keep me aside
I want to unlock the doors of life but they keep weaving a trap
I want the silence, they come and clap

O Allah! Betow upon me a blanket of wisdom
with which I could wrap my soul
Strengthen my weakness
Strengthen my will
Before the fight with the world
My battle is with myself
Rise me like the sun
Illuminating the world in me
Give wings to my hopes
To hold unto your rope
Provide for me from Your unseen treasures
Bless me with courage and patience
Make me a brick in the wall standing against injustice
Make my voice amomg the voices for freedom
I know
To You I belong, to You I will return
Make my return as being the righteous one

Seeking True Words

As I grew older
I lost the words out of my heart
Even though my voice became stable
But my words lost the touch of freedom
The freedom I was having
When my heart was big
When I was a child

I yearn to go back
to embrace those innocent words
But I can’t
They are left in me like the pictures on the walls
To measure the innocence left in me
Why I grew older?
To speak what my heart doesn’t wish
Now, I care more for the world
Even if my heart remains unheard
I shape my words for them
But they still remain unshaped for me
Why so desperation?
I ask myself, why?
The world has craved out my essence
Leaving it to die for her lies
Where is my heart?
Whose Lord is the Lord of heavens and earth
As it was rightly said
You do not die when your body dies
But you die
When your heart is dead
O Allah! Save me from this curse
Give life to my heart
Fill it with tranquility from your treasures
Make it pure like I had when I was a child
I don’t want to die for the desire of this cruel world
Which crush the softness and glow of my heart
Make people to meet my heart, not my false identify
That I have to leave back in this world
Let them listen to what my heart speaks
Nor the decorated words coming under the teeth

I pray,
Make my way easy to seek the true words from You, my Lord!


Human essence can’t exist without emotions
The tears in eyes, smile on lips are the most appealing entity
But behind the veil they are pruned out of emotions

Emotions are like waves in an ocean of soul
Sometimes calm, singing the melody to the captain of the ship
But when they turn the tune to storm, they can engulf even the roars of thunder

When empathy adorns the hearts, the emotions  recites the odes of angels
Full of praises from the heavens acquiring stature above bodily existence

We love, feel the happiness, peace and contentment
Emotions bounds us with the hearts of people, decorate a dwelling for us in them
Makes us to embrace the beauty which our eyes see and hearts feel

Emotions lit the fire of passion to overcome impossible
Emotions drive revolutions with the slogans which tears the deafness of suppression

Emotions craves the humanness to the perfect shape in the humans
Emotions are the motion in which life runs along the clock

When they get sprinkled by the divine touch of Lord, the most gracious and the most merciful
They free us from the slavery of the world to wander in the divine and pure guidance of Allah
They become our utmost strength, to withstand the trails and tribulations of the world
They become our home where we keep our love and care for others

Emotions are the colours of faces, some are hidden and some are apparent
Emotions associated to things raise their essence
And those associated with Allah, the All Seer, raise your essence

Don’t break heart as they are decorated by the buds of emotions
If you will crush them, they will plead before Allah
And know that, heart is where Lord resides
Beware, don’t hurt the emotions of anyone


Me and these four walls, and
A deep friendship between us
I throw my words, while they catch
Together, a plot for a story, we hatch

They listen me with the eloquent silence
Building a relationship out of reverence
Protecting my voice from being stolen
Oblivious of seasons that exists outside
Oblivious of phenomenon which are never cease
When door opens, they are lit by the daylight

No reach they have to the sky with the flying kites
The ceiling keep the hidden from the eyes of sky
They live with me and I live with them
Together we have become each other’s chum
Long back ago, I wrapped up the mirror
With the pages, blank and white
Not to deceive me, and my words in my mind

Now, they are a new mirror to me
Reflecting me in myself
They see me praying, they see me smiling
Becoming a new casket of my secrets
Written on the walls, but breathing in my heart
Giving an expressive face to my loneliness
With time they have helped my consciousness
Reminding me
That alone you stand,
may be out of reach from the world,
but very close to GOD
On the wall is written a remarkable statement
You could blind the people, but not the ONE



From the rib of Adam, peace be upon him!
Decreed as the mercy from Allah, the most High

Paradise is beneath her feet
She is a way for salvation
A symbol of most purest love in worldly relationship
She is a mother

She is a living pearl of the ocean of life
She is one where rivers of tranquility flows
She is the need of difficult times
She is a wife

She is the light of the eyes
A glad tidings from the heavens
A pride of the father, a contentment of the mother
She is a daughter

She is the morals of the society
She is the depiction of revolutions
She is the inscription of struggles
She is veil of the beauty
She is adornment of the family
She is the wall of courage
She is the beginning of story
From where came the great ones
She is the mother of Prophets
She is the blessings from Allah
She is the one for whom words are less
From the rib of Adam, peace be upon him!
Decreed as the mercy from Allah, the most High

She is woman

Who Am I?

Undeniable, unstoppable
Unbreakable, unsolvable
Unshakable, unchallengeable
Undisputed, unopposed
Unbeatable, undesirable
A mystery and will always remain
Beyond the walls of space and time
Never gives up on anyone
Never forgets to come
At the time appointed for everyone
Harsh for the wicked
Easy for the pious
Unaddressed it knocks on the door of life
And says, “I am death”


A great piece….


by an incredible, emerging poet.

Beautiful stories have beautiful characters
In some we get lost, for some we crave for the end
Some, we just want to never end

Some have rain, some have stars
Some have meadows, some have heavens

The tragedy of them is that they are fiction
Real stories are not always beautiful ones

Every life remains a story,
We live along the shore of some,
Start seeing ours in the tides of their ocean.

Tears remain the bold words, tears remain reminders
Heart is the heart of every happening
What touches it the most flow as tears of soul

Which story is then beautiful in the existent world?
Which story you wish to continue with?
You live in billions of them
Some have come to an end, some are living

If you will ask me,
Which is your favourite one?
One written and lived in…

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Burning candle

It’s more than the flame…


How it shines so gracefully
Mesmerizing beauty in it’s flames
Filled with yellow, red, white and blue colour.

Contoured with white line,

The Wavy moments of it’s flames

like  a petal of the lily fluttering in the air.

Encircling a boundary by casting shadow near it’s  base
Yearning for brilliant radiance,
It’s melting appears as it’s annihilation for light.

In hallucinating  appearance of the white petal,
In obsession of it’s beauty
Poor moth lose his life.

It continues it’s lighting like the petal of white lilies,
Symbolizing sympathy on death of moth.

Gusty winds arrives uninvited like angel of death,
It flickers in fear of death,
finally it’s struggle ends and gets blown off,

Scribbling it’s remark about life with last spurt of smoke.

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By a wonderful secret writer…

Happiness ( The most wanted feeling in every world)
Happiness is when every beat of your heart sings the song of freedom,
Happiness is living life of honesty ,truth and justice,
Happiness is wiping away the darkness of hatred  and jealousy from the walls of your heart,
Happiness is feeling the true essence of love inside your heart,
Happiness is walking away from worldly worries,
Happiness is when you feel enlightment in ocean of knowledge ,
Happiness is when there is clarity and purity in your thoughts,
Happiness is experiencing closeness with your creator,
Happiness is when your soul emanates the rays of divine lights,
Happiness is in the eyes of true believer,
Happiness is in realising the greatness of your Lord,
Happiness is in the prostration in front of Allah.
True happiness isn’t a momentarily feeling, it is flow of tranquility in  your existence.

Addiction of life…. part 2

in continuation with the previous one

this addiction
she will unveil herself of divine secrets
A purest form
gifted from God

evil is the desire of pleasure
it ruins her mystic nature
chisels the peace from the soul
like a woodpecker

death creates a way
shaping her purpose
As she says
“I without death am only an illusion”
she never owns the one
who owns her for the fear of death

face her reality
why are you running after a lie?
Although you can lie to yourself till last
but she will surprise you
with the truth of death