One Among Them

When words strangle your soul
The restlessness recrudesces on the forehead
I become lost somewhere deep in me
As if I have been pushed from the ship to drown in the sea
I want to see the bottom
where the words are scratching my counscious

The world will allure you to it’s lies
But only here we can also find the truth
Every age has been a test for humanity
Why then we should curse our times?
My words take different shapes inside
Sometimes forms questions and sometimes answers
But what I find is that they are relative
Changes their size and weight with the emotions

Only His words are absolute, the Lord of all ages
We only see a drop of life in His infinite ocean of creations
He guides whom He wills
I pray for myself to be one among them


Innocence is the garden of heart, supremely beautiful
An identity of the Prophet
An existential integrity for us to be humans
A veneer of the purity of the soul
A appraise of beauty of the emotions

Innocent heart even reach out with their silence to Allah
None of the faces in the world is as beautiful as innocence
Innocence is the beauty of glimpses, and purity
In whose eyes it appears, the sky along with rain sets in the them
When it resides in the heart, every words emerging from it touches

Innocence is the philosophy of justice
It is the evidence of righteousness and piety
the foundation of life,
the wetness of the eyes,
the ornament of the smile of a child

Innocence is an untold truth,
character of the angels
Innocence is the love of Allah,
His remembrance
Innocence is the way to solicit to Allah

Some lines by Saba,

Where has it gone
The innocence we used to live
The purity that used to reflect on visage
Where has it gone
Greed in the demeanor of selfishness
Devour our innocence
Or we have surrendered before
Ugly materialism
Where to find
How to get
The innocence we used to live
There would be a great havoc
If couldn’t find it
There wouldn’t be clue of our existence
If we couldn’t find our lost innocence
Where has it gone….


Read the red…

Saba Niaz siddique

RED and just RED

sounds like an extremist

But it’s not

Adds mirth to your life

can solace death

Shows your strength

Brightens the valour of a knight

Reflects in innocence

Adorns the soft cheeks with grace

Flourishes in revolution

Strengthens your struggle

It makes you feel alive

Cuts the morbid flesh away

Embellishes the sword of a warrior

Don’t compare it with a gory dagger

It is the honour of a martyr

And serves him the goblet of valor

Appears at dawn

Incites the beginning of life

Flows in veins

Embraces your heart

And fills it with love every time

Makes the soft petals more alluring

Shines in the little wings of butterflies

When they kiss them while dancing

Beautifies your optimism

Saves you from the cave of pessimism

It’s only love

It’s just beauty

It is what your heart is

RED and just RED!

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What more can a wayfarer seek?
His has a destination, where he keeps going
His days are limited, his nights too
Some days he gets pleasure, but it has to leave
Some days he gets it hard, but it has to leave
No burden remains except the burden of deeds
He knows where he has to go
He knows he will reach there
It will not be heavy on his soul
If he could could understand that
He is only a wayfarer
His day are limited, his nights too

Last drive of the soul is to the Lord
Who gives, Who takes
Who makes, Who destroys
Unto Him every journey ends
Who has destined for everyone a course
If you are reading these words, these were also destined for you
For you are a wayfarer and World is not the real place to live

Ramadan Mubarak 🌙⚘💖

Ramdhan Mubarakh!

Saba Niaz siddique

Amidst the heat of negligence

Bewildered by the gale of sin

We get another chance to repent

And ask for mercy

The sacred Ramadan is among us

With countless blessings

And a writ of forgiveness

Let’s cry before our Lord

Confess and repent

Bow before THE MOST HIGH

And beg for forgiveness

Let us wash the soul of ours

With the pearls of tears

Let us adorn the heart of ours

With the remembrance of THE MOST BELOVED

Let us not forget those who were neglected before

Feel the pain of hunger

Is the lesson we may not ignore

Strengthen our Imaan is the teaching of Ramadan

Become closer to pauper is the spirit of Ramadan

Strive for the deeds

That become your shield in the scorching sun of resurrection

Blessings are oozing every moment

Collect them as much as you can

The sacred Ramadan is among us

Collect the…

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Let the Freedom Come

Left again
I and my lonlineness in the solitary room
With the door shut, expecting no one to knock
Walls also show no compassion, stand silent and cold

I can feel my silence
And the voice inside
I can feel the suffering
And the overwhelming helplessness
Unaddressed remain my tears to the outside world
Unfelt remain my emotions to the people

Let the earthquake happen
Let the walls fall
Let the storm come
Let the lonlineness blow away
Let the ceiling break apart
Let the sun melt the ice within

My words in me has only one meaning
Let the freedom come!

Is Not Destiny Ahead?

Is not the destiny ahead?
Then stop and ease for a while
Nothing is lost, no hope had died
Still the dreams are alive
Pain is like a season and will pass too
Imagine the sun and rain, both are winsome

Why should not I tell you about the snow in my Land?
White and pure
My hands shiver in the cold, but my eyes dazzle with brightness
The struggle of my land had taught me love
Like a lesson written in the book
It is true that Kashmir is beautiful
But our tears are more
They hide and express every emotion
They reflect in our smiles like the images on the mirror
We have learnt to live with them as a blessing
As the pious souls shed them remembering Allah
A mother in the memory of her martyred son
They flow from the eyes of the father, sister and friend too
Carrying the burden of our sufferings
And address them to Allah
Making our tounges to utter the same line
Is not destiny ahead?
Peace is yet to come


Love gives freedom from the pain, agony and vexation
The pain of injustice of your own, when you made it to hate
Just because there are differences , among you and them

Love is made to heel, the scars left all over
It is the evidence from Lord, the heart always knew
But give it up, to answer the apparent vices

Love is a sign of mercy whose shower bring life to burned woods
Once again makes the nightingale sing, the song for abandoned ones
For them to come back to the places they had their dwellings

What if a fire destroyed the homes?
The love in hearts would give space for everyone to live
It would again put smiles back to their places

Love has no definition but defines many things
It grows small things big and has no lines of division
It is a sky where everyone can fly, without any fear

Love is the secret of hearts and was a weapon of Prophets
Love is the law which serve justice to the souls
Love for Allah, and in His way is the most beautiful way


If words remain unspoken
They become a burden on the heart
Sometimes acceptable, sometimes unbearable

We keep repeating them in our thoughts
But to no avail, they won’t reach there
The more we cry out loud in the silence
They only keep sinking in the quagmire of solitude

Words are not that facile when they hit the beats
Sometimes they are like pegged nails
They cause affliction when wished to be pulled out
And the silent pain keeps burning the blood
And it keeps simmering when they get screamed by our councious

Some words deafen the ears
Phobic to ear drums
But somehow reach the hearts
And sow their seed for the years to come

Words can touch, but can also scratch
Words can heal, but can also break
Words are like that, born in the heart and resides under teeth
If they are like thorns which can make the way tragic
Then seek the guidance from the Lord

He listens in the darks of the hearts
No word can remain unspoken and hidden from Lord
He removes the burden of souls when you stand before Him
He talk with you in His book, the words which came down from heavens
The ears of the world can be deaf, but Your Lord never forsakes anyone
Put your trust in Him, and let your words speak to Allah, the most high

From heart of every girl to her husband 💓

Let’s take inspiration from these words!


Dear husband,

Be the reason of solace in my life,
Give me your attention and time as my right.

Be like the drop of rain
That makes the rose to blush in love

Be like the drop of dew
Shining like nose-jewel on grass tip

Be like the rays of morning sunlight
Touching me and rejuvenating my spirits

Be like moonlight of my life
That evaneces the deep darkeness of nights

Be like the seer of my soul,
Awake me from sleep of sin

Be like my mother,
Shower my life with pure love from skies of your heart.

Be like my father, be my strength
Protect me and support me.

Be like the diamond of my necklace
Intensify the inner beauty in me

Be the Gardner of my marvellous home,
Nourishing every flower of our garden.

Be like the drizzling showers
Revitalize the deserted lands of my life,


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