Read the red…

Saba Niaz siddique

RED and just RED

sounds like an extremist

But it’s not

Adds mirth to your life

can solace death

Shows your strength

Brightens the valour of a knight

Reflects in innocence

Adorns the soft cheeks with grace

Flourishes in revolution

Strengthens your struggle

It makes you feel alive

Cuts the morbid flesh away

Embellishes the sword of a warrior

Don’t compare it with a gory dagger

It is the honour of a martyr

And serves him the goblet of valor

Appears at dawn

Incites the beginning of life

Flows in veins

Embraces your heart

And fills it with love every time

Makes the soft petals more alluring

Shines in the little wings of butterflies

When they kiss them while dancing

Beautifies your optimism

Saves you from the cave of pessimism

It’s only love

It’s just beauty

It is what your heart is

RED and just RED!

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Ramadan Mubarak 🌙⚘💖

Ramdhan Mubarakh!

Saba Niaz siddique

Amidst the heat of negligence

Bewildered by the gale of sin

We get another chance to repent

And ask for mercy

The sacred Ramadan is among us

With countless blessings

And a writ of forgiveness

Let’s cry before our Lord

Confess and repent

Bow before THE MOST HIGH

And beg for forgiveness

Let us wash the soul of ours

With the pearls of tears

Let us adorn the heart of ours

With the remembrance of THE MOST BELOVED

Let us not forget those who were neglected before

Feel the pain of hunger

Is the lesson we may not ignore

Strengthen our Imaan is the teaching of Ramadan

Become closer to pauper is the spirit of Ramadan

Strive for the deeds

That become your shield in the scorching sun of resurrection

Blessings are oozing every moment

Collect them as much as you can

The sacred Ramadan is among us

Collect the…

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From heart of every girl to her husband 💓

Let’s take inspiration from these words!


Dear husband,

Be the reason of solace in my life,
Give me your attention and time as my right.

Be like the drop of rain
That makes the rose to blush in love

Be like the drop of dew
Shining like nose-jewel on grass tip

Be like the rays of morning sunlight
Touching me and rejuvenating my spirits

Be like moonlight of my life
That evaneces the deep darkeness of nights

Be like the seer of my soul,
Awake me from sleep of sin

Be like my mother,
Shower my life with pure love from skies of your heart.

Be like my father, be my strength
Protect me and support me.

Be like the diamond of my necklace
Intensify the inner beauty in me

Be the Gardner of my marvellous home,
Nourishing every flower of our garden.

Be like the drizzling showers
Revitalize the deserted lands of my life,


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A great piece….


by an incredible, emerging poet.

Beautiful stories have beautiful characters
In some we get lost, for some we crave for the end
Some, we just want to never end

Some have rain, some have stars
Some have meadows, some have heavens

The tragedy of them is that they are fiction
Real stories are not always beautiful ones

Every life remains a story,
We live along the shore of some,
Start seeing ours in the tides of their ocean.

Tears remain the bold words, tears remain reminders
Heart is the heart of every happening
What touches it the most flow as tears of soul

Which story is then beautiful in the existent world?
Which story you wish to continue with?
You live in billions of them
Some have come to an end, some are living

If you will ask me,
Which is your favourite one?
One written and lived in…

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Burning candle

It’s more than the flame…


How it shines so gracefully
Mesmerizing beauty in it’s flames
Filled with yellow, red, white and blue colour.

Contoured with white line,

The Wavy moments of it’s flames

like  a petal of the lily fluttering in the air.

Encircling a boundary by casting shadow near it’s  base
Yearning for brilliant radiance,
It’s melting appears as it’s annihilation for light.

In hallucinating  appearance of the white petal,
In obsession of it’s beauty
Poor moth lose his life.

It continues it’s lighting like the petal of white lilies,
Symbolizing sympathy on death of moth.

Gusty winds arrives uninvited like angel of death,
It flickers in fear of death,
finally it’s struggle ends and gets blown off,

Scribbling it’s remark about life with last spurt of smoke.

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To My Mother

By my loving and adorable sister, SAIQA DIDI for her mother…

I will never have enough time here on the Earth to repay all the love you have poured into me. You have filled my life with momentous and memorable moments which no other person could have ever done.

Being a mother myself, I can realise the ocean of love you will have always for me. And, no matter where I go, you will always be the home I will come back to. I will put my head in your lap and your love will heal my wounds and fill my soul with courage.

Thank you, for nourishing and spoiling me with love and care. You are the wind that set my sails to the right direction. The warmth from your love has kept me alive from the cold clutches of the cruel world. You are the sun that nurtured me until I bloomed into the woman I am today.

I may not be a perfect daughter, mom. In the years that passed, I have caused you a lot of headache and heartaches. I hope you won’t ever get tired of me. Please know that I love you. ❤️
May Allah always keep you happy and healthy! I can’t repay you for anything you have done for me.
You are my paradise in this world and the way to earn it in the hereafter.

Golden Sparrow

The pain and hope in the golden heart….

Saba Niaz siddique

Once upon a time there was a beautiful golden sparrow. Her sweet voice was not less than an elixir. It was a balm for the seething souls. Those who had listened to it once longed for more and more. Her chirpy songs would put listeners into the stance of trance. It would fill the feeling of joyous life in morbid hearts. Her bewitching eyes used to shine like little stars in the dark night. The emitting effulgence of her eyes would make the gloomy nights bright for the lonely travellers.

When she would bounce on foliage and croon, butterflies come and dance with her. They would then fly to flowers and play in the garden.

Her nest was made up of beautiful threads of love and peace. She waved the threads with all the love in her heart. It was the centre of attraction from every corner far and…

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After the Rain

After the rain, the sun shines bright. The sky becomes blue and opens the doors of heaven. The whiteness of clouds appear like a crown on the mountain tops. Some strains of whiteness appear like the ship sailing in the sea of blueness.

The bright light glitters the grass and lamina of leaves reflect the freedom of freshness and vigor. The eyes hide the story of rain and enjoy the rhymes of sun. The heart wants to roam in the open fields to see the horizon.

Farmers go out after the happiness of rain to see the life in soil. A smile is placed of the sloped roofs when the novel light shines the remain of rain. They have already played their music, now is the time for them to glare bright. The story continues after the rain.

Read the Rain

Rain falls from far above, but never hurts. Strikes the soil so gently like some one is knocking on the door. By the leave of Allah, it gives life to a dead seed, welcomes it to see the heaven from where it falls. It adorns the green and washes away the dirt and dust. Every heart sinks in the music of drops like the sun sinking in the ocean. The moments become memorable in the eyes which sees these pearls striking and playing every surface. Somewhere, striking silently and somewhere laughs like a child. Rain has the stories, dreams and sleep. Wish I could fly like a falcon to see it’s home, to listen it’s wishes, to feel the excitement and joy before they come for us. Rain is a blessing from Allah.

The rain gives peace to my soul
The rain reminds me of my stories