Dedicated to those who lost their friend in the struggle of Kashmir Never was the one to walk with the sun Although we are done But I will see your there without any fear O, my dear! Never thought about That I would shout in your absence feeling in me the presence of your memories [...]

Rivers of Blood #Kashmir

whole life passed by, in the mirror of outrage and oppression through my valley flow, Jhelum and Chenab But I saw only the rivers of blood streaming across what condition are my people in, I don't know are they dying of starvation, I don't know you travelled the journey over our corpses we travelled the [...]

Fire Inside Me

A poem written by a fellow Kashmiri friend and brother of mine. I came to know about him a month back, when the whole Kashmir was locked down and people outside Kashmir lost their contact with the families and relatives back at home. At that time, the news was being circulated on social media about [...]

In Pursuit

I was in pursuit of one night to sleep in the fathomless silence in me and around me Absorbing all the pain and agony of every living person in my Valley and taking all their despair with me in my dreams where I could bury it for a moment I wondered how that would feel [...]