After the Rain

After the rain, the sun shines bright. The sky becomes blue and opens the doors of heaven. The whiteness of clouds appear like a crown on the mountain tops. Some strains of whiteness appear like the ship sailing in the sea of blueness.

The bright light glitters the grass and lamina of leaves reflect the freedom of freshness and vigor. The eyes hide the story of rain and enjoy the rhymes of sun. The heart wants to roam in the open fields to see the horizon.

Farmers go out after the happiness of rain to see the life in soil. A smile is placed of the sloped roofs when the novel light shines the remain of rain. They have already played their music, now is the time for them to glare bright. The story continues after the rain.

Read the Rain

Rain falls from far above, but never hurts. Strikes the soil so gently like some one is knocking on the door. By the leave of Allah, it gives life to a dead seed, welcomes it to see the heaven from where it falls. It adorns the green and washes away the dirt and dust. Every heart sinks in the music of drops like the sun sinking in the ocean. The moments become memorable in the eyes which sees these pearls striking and playing every surface. Somewhere, striking silently and somewhere laughs like a child. Rain has the stories, dreams and sleep. Wish I could fly like a falcon to see it’s home, to listen it’s wishes, to feel the excitement and joy before they come for us. Rain is a blessing from Allah.

The rain gives peace to my soul
The rain reminds me of my stories

Forgive us our Lord!

Saba Niaz siddique

Forgive us our Lord!

Forgive us our Lord!

We forgot the way You have shown us

We became devils, while You have created us with love

We became deaf and dumb, while You have blessed us with the power of hearing and speaking

We became blind, while You have filled our eyes with Your Noor* divine

You have given us the soft heart and told us that You live there, but we changed our hearts into stones

You have told us that this world is ephemeral, but we kept on running after it

You have told us to speak up for the oppressed, but we kept shunning Your command

We committed criminal negligence when Your servants were facing atrocities

We closed our eyes when little kids were afraid of bombshells

We didn’t do anything when Your servants were dying of hunger

We didn’t soften our hearts when the right of…

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A sunset burning in the golden water
Flames not rising up but seeping deep
Without any smoke, clear and crystal
Warmth is only felt to heart, amusing it’s beats
Eyes seeing the glimpse of rare paradise of the day
How satisfying is this sigh taken within?
Expanding the aura of soul
Reveling in the poetry of resplendent rays
The trees are singing the farewell song for the setting sun
The sky is spreading the melody in artistic colours
How pleasant is it to the hearts?
A sign of the creation of Allah among the infinite signs
I wonder how much grateful I should be to have these eyes
Witnessing such a marvelous beauty
How much grateful I should for the light he has given me?
The sun will depart and the day will pass
But, My Lord will always remain in my heart
So, All the praises belong to Allah
Who is the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.


I have found people in two different ways. One who find you by the essence of your soul and makes a relation based on love emanating from the heart which subsides the opinion they may have for you and doesn’t let the differences to supercede the relation of love from the heart. Often, these relations become unbreakable, unshakable and above the trait of self sufficiency. They find happiness in your happiness.

Second are those, for whom essence of soul is inferior to the opinions they make of you. If conditions are favourable, there opinions and words too will be favourable for you and vice versa. When there is no effort on the recognition of true essence, a clear trait of self sufficiency could be evident and happiness will only acquire a opportunistic shape. A conditional happiness.

Opinions and Efforts in a Struggling Society

A struggling society is either filled with a lot of efforts or a lot of opinions. Or we can say both of them, which is more appropriate but depends upon an individual which side he wants to apprehend. Constructive efforts often give a hope that later or sooner we are going to make through. Void opinions remain stagnant and their value may have paramount weigtage for a moment and things may seem to make sense but keeps on depreciating with time as circumstances alter. Especially, a struggling society gives rise to a variety of opinions which every section of people carry through and when the opinions starts to differ at individual stage and even for one individual, it differs with time to time, event to event, and remains limited to the extreme criticism and devoid of encouragement of the struggle itself, then an environment of hopelessness gets edge over the efforts being put forward. Often, they take a shape of destructive opinions. Opinions filled with information and a concise needed data and a clear background helps to understand the struggle and need for that. Also, when it is filled with a hope that is being created by giving the examples of past successful events. These are needed, but they come only when efforts are being made to  know the history and the events in their proper chronological order and the logical reason behind their happening. These are constructive opinions which gives to way to constructive efforts.

It is also seen that to achieve a goal in a struggling sociecty, different groups are  formed and they form their own discourse to work through. When the discourse of a particular section becomes rigid, and acquires a form as if it is the only discourse, these discourses come conflicting with one another due to lacking understanding and synergy. But when the discourse is being based on the healthy foundations where the scope of understanding others and coming together with  them shoulder to shoulder by giving importance to the common points by letting the difference to keep aside, is a constructive discourse and efforts arising from it are always in right direction. These are constructive efforts  which give rise to constructive opinions.


By a wonderful secret writer…

Happiness ( The most wanted feeling in every world)
Happiness is when every beat of your heart sings the song of freedom,
Happiness is living life of honesty ,truth and justice,
Happiness is wiping away the darkness of hatred  and jealousy from the walls of your heart,
Happiness is feeling the true essence of love inside your heart,
Happiness is walking away from worldly worries,
Happiness is when you feel enlightment in ocean of knowledge ,
Happiness is when there is clarity and purity in your thoughts,
Happiness is experiencing closeness with your creator,
Happiness is when your soul emanates the rays of divine lights,
Happiness is in the eyes of true believer,
Happiness is in realising the greatness of your Lord,
Happiness is in the prostration in front of Allah.
True happiness isn’t a momentarily feeling, it is flow of tranquility in  your existence.