My name is Salman Wani. I am from a small town known to be Bandipora which lies in the northern part of the Kashmir. This place is very dear to me and there are a lot of special things about this part of the world. Surrounded by mountains as if they are guarding the treasures. The treasures are nothing but the people living here, their simplicity, straightforwardness, goodness and the air, water and beautiful landscapes. I like to walk to the extreme destinations to find the actuality and originality of this place. Sitting there, exploring about yourself and coming back as if you have discovered something in you. The special thing about these places is that they are beyond the very fakes of world life. The people living there have nothing to do with outer appearances and the best part is that they don’t have any time for that. Life is tough but more real and beautiful.

Most of the people are desperate to keep their fakes intact. They keep working to look better beyond necessity to present themselves according to the ongoing trends. They are busy in establishing themselves according to the existing structure of society no matter whether that gets done by deception, lies, and pretenses. In between, they forget their own reality. The showcase is very attractive and charming however inside devoid of peace and satisfaction. Making the appearance to look much better can help to catch the eyes but never the hearts. So I always try to revive my reality in myself and try to make my inner self better and better. When from inside the personality is beautiful, soulful, and peaceful, the radiance of life will emit enlightening other hearts. My utmost strength is trust in Allah, the greatest. This life is just a span of time with a purpose to be recognized. My aim in this life is live up-to the path prescribed by the Lord.  So I could be successful on the day of judgment and that is only possible by the mercy of Allah.