O Allah!
Put my love in their hearts
To be remembered in their prayers
Not on their lips
To be remembered in their talks
Tie my heart with Your remembrance
To make my beats resonate with peace
You are the bestower of everything
Bestow upon me contentment and tranquillity
Take the hate away from me
This hate and pride is making me to hate myself
It keeps smoldering my soul
Seeps my senses and make me low
I know, You listen
Save me, O Allah!
From becoming enemy of my ownself
I want to enter Your house with pureness
I want to prostrate with tears to attain deep happiness
Your creation is the sign of Your might
Verily! my sight is too incompetent to reach across the heavens
You are our watcher, You are our patron
My breaths belong to You, My beats belong to You
To You I belong, To You I will return

11 thoughts on “To My Lord

  1. Ameen. Both of these posts (this one and the previous one) gave me hope. That there are people out there who are praying to get close to Allah. That there are people who are not fancied by this worldly life. Whose aim is not to attain happiness of this dunya only. Who want to get close to Allah. Jazak’Allah Khayr for sharing this prayer.

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  2. The true happiness and peace of heart lies in remembering Allah only. Contemplating the favours he gifted us with and realizing whether we truely deserved them, all makes us highly grateful to Allah. Thanks my lovely Sister for appreciating in these kind and beautiful words.

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