These aching stories of this valley
Has created holes in my soul
Come and see! What it is like to be
When autumn has covered the graves
For those who could not even see the last glimpses
Because they were unknown of the deaths

Come and see! The deep affliction
The pain and the suffocation
The pain in the heart of a mother
The agony in the bodies of living

Come and see! The marks on skin
The torn eyes and loud cries
The unmarked graves
The waiting mothers and half widows

Come and see! Kashmir
The valley of sorrow

9 thoughts on “Come and See

  1. It’s really hard to hold back tears, Salman.
    Yes, there is cry, tears, agony, affliction, graves, but above all there is an unshakable belief of yours that you are still standing tenaciously. Your belief is going stronger with every wound marked on your soul.
    You are becoming stronger every moment to not to bow before unjust vow.

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  2. Some times I can’t believe that I am seeing all this happening. A unrecognizable pressure and burden feels on the shoulders. Events keep coming in the minds and the tendency to know what future holds grows insanely. A difference between them who knows nothing and us seem clearly visible by the truth that we struggle the uncertainties that are quite unimaginable for others. Words like pain, sorrow, lost, graves keeps digging deep in me and a hope and faith at last fulfills the cracks I see.
    Thank you, you are a wonderful person

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  3. What should I say after your deep emotions, but have prayers for you.
    Whatever starts, sooner or later, must meet its end.
    This intense upsurge in movement indicates that the glorious destination of believers and miserable and irretrievable fall of tyranny is near.
    Allah is with you!

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  4. Even though everyone is aware of brutality going on in the valley, it is extremely worrisome that no human right champion is gonna help the needed out of the tyranny…
    But every Firaun has to meet a terrible end..
    And every Musa has to win over..
    With an indaunting belief in your heart… You shall be the ones who will make the atrocity lead towards pavilion…
    You shall be the metaphors of Freedom and Struggle…😍
    Our blessings are always on your side.. Our Kashmiri brethren😥
    May Allah help you get out of the war…
    جہاں میں اہل ایماں صورت خورشید جیتے ہیں ۔۔
    اِدھر ڈوبے اُدھر نکلے ۔۔ااُدھردھر ڈوبے اِدھر نکلے ۔۔


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