When words strangle your soul
The restlessness recrudesces on the forehead
I become lost somewhere deep in me
As if I have been pushed from the ship to drown in the sea
I want to see the bottom
where the words are scratching my counscious

The world will allure you to it’s lies
But only here we can also find the truth
Every age has been a test for humanity
Why then we should curse our times?
My words take different shapes inside
Sometimes forms questions and sometimes answers
But what I find is that they are relative
Changes their size and weight with the emotions

Only His words are absolute, the Lord of all ages
We only see a drop of life in His infinite ocean of creations
He guides whom He wills
I pray for myself to be one among them

15 thoughts on “One Among Them

  1. pleasealways feel free to message me for specific ways we can be in prayers for you and Kashmir, We want to join with you for where 2 or more are gathered there is HE.
    You may message me on a post or send them directly to my WordPress mail at : Encouraging-grace(at)outlook.com OR my personal email: sparkkitty2016(at)gmail.com

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  2. I am starting as of my last response to someone to end with a snippet to keep Kashmir in your prayers at this moment. I do hope everytime people get that replay from me that they will silently lift your country up

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  3. I feel that how could I repay to you for this favour. I can only pray for you. I am very grateful and immensely thankful to you for being my voice to other hearts in your land. God will give you success and will help you at every step of life. I really feel that my words are very less to describe your grand nature.

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  4. I feel selfish for liking your comment. I am honored to lift up your nation, to be used for faithful people that love and adore Alllah and are receiving tests and trials to numerous to list. Their faith will prove out, and unfortunately sometimes horror does have to happen to right the wrongs…but it is not a MUST. ANd GOD is FAITHFUL and hears our CRIES. if we do not bless the rocks will CRY out to HIM. He is JUST and we and this world are INJUST. We know that when we pray for justness and mercy in Kashmir that HE is aligned because we pray for peace in HIS name. Never let this fall from my attention. Thank you Salman. Blessings on you and each of you family and Acquaintances in this ordeal. PLEASE continue to nudge me towards prayer. It is an honor I do not deserve but am willingly lovingly wanting to fulfill

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  5. You are true in your heart and it is rare to find. We will succeed because we are believers in HIM and whatever HE has sent down. Every Messenger and prophet peace be upon them all, came with HIS name to free the society from injustice and tyranny. Our religion teaches us humanity and how to be kind and just to other folks. Our belief and patience will win over our enemies, in sha Allah(if GOD wills). You have displayed a great heart and I will pray to Allah to bless you and all your loved ones. I am from a far and broken land but your words give me hope of a better tomorrow. I would wish if any time in my life I could do anything for you, when you will be in need. Thank you! Kate. I am grateful and thankful on behalf of all our people.


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