By a wonderful secret writer…

Happiness ( The most wanted feeling in every world)
Happiness is when every beat of your heart sings the song of freedom,
Happiness is living life of honesty ,truth and justice,
Happiness is wiping away the darkness of hatred  and jealousy from the walls of your heart,
Happiness is feeling the true essence of love inside your heart,
Happiness is walking away from worldly worries,
Happiness is when you feel enlightment in ocean of knowledge ,
Happiness is when there is clarity and purity in your thoughts,
Happiness is experiencing closeness with your creator,
Happiness is when your soul emanates the rays of divine lights,
Happiness is in the eyes of true believer,
Happiness is in realising the greatness of your Lord,
Happiness is in the prostration in front of Allah.
True happiness isn’t a momentarily feeling, it is flow of tranquility in  your existence.

31 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. First of all thank you so much!
    Great to know that you are interested in philosophy and have done masters in political science, and also like nihari
    I will try to do my piece soon…
    So grateful and welcome to my blog πŸ‘ and invite you to read my past posts ….


  2. You’re most welcome and thank you so much that you liked my interests..
    And yes sure in fact I’ve read many of your older posts they are simply amazing ❣️

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  3. thanks so much and the same to you, Salman
    Best wishes

    “Whilst we can “and should” celebrate our differences, let not our beliefs divide us, but the spirit of our shared humanity unite us.”

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