I looked through the needles of the pine
The sun was having it’s last shine
The town looked beautiful from the top
Fading greenery in the golden rays seemed like,
What eyes had never seen
I kept looking and words were coming to life on my lips
Silence was singing the beautiful songs
My heart stood still to take it all
As I drove back to my town
Silence started to become ugly
Few faces that were looking had eyes filled with fear
Everyone was speaking of the virus that has invaded this mean world
And news read that more than yesterday passed away
Silence was screaming the events of horror
Here it was
One in my town was tested positive
It broke down as if lightning had fallen without any thunder
Lips started remembering the Lord of everything
O Allah, save us all!
Everyone locked their gates
And became prisoners of their own house
The plan people had one weak before
Came crashing down
For the first time we all together realized
We are not in control of life
Now, I don’t know, when I would see the sunset of my beautiful town?

18 thoughts on “When I would see again?

  1. Just wondering where have we reached?
    What we were expecting and what came to existence? Kashmir previously was suffering form a silent lockdown, now along with the whole world we again are in the next silent mode. May Allah save us!
    Stay safe n stay positive and hopeful!

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